Sports Diary | Dance Yoga

Yesterday's practice, uncomfortable. It used to run just run, oxygen-free exercise, now special training muscles, the body needs to be adapted.

I think of my breathing and try my abdominal breathing. I hope I can become a habit.

The benefits of sports are good to sleep well. Sleep early, is also very easy to be hungry.

I want to go to tomorrow's dance yoga class can still go.

The inner voice is very wanting.

Struggling today and climbed up, muscular pain, so I started to play drums again, I can go in this way.

However, when people think about it, people's mental state will adjust the body state. As the class is getting closer, the physical condition has become a lot.

This morning this morning is a dance yoga.

The dance teacher gives people a lot of body, tightened, flat belly, slender limbs, slender neck, soft body, uneven body, charm, extraordinary, wind rhyme, color value online The skin is smooth, which is getting younger than the peers, as if frost. They, like models, are all walking hangers.

I am telling me, that is a perfect person, is a beautiful man.

The precipitate of the little bit of a little bit of time, and they carved their shape and temperament in the time of time.

Today is a new teacher, the teacher is about 30 years old, the same is very temperament, she wore a lot of yoga clothes similar to Chinese dance, more feminine.

Today's teacher is the class.

Yesterday's Pilates was 40 years old, and she went home halfway. She became Pilates, the skin is fair, and the temperament is still extraordinary. You can see her love.

Today, the dance music is "daughter love", the teacher's own dance.

The hand has always been a orchid finger, wrist, waist, limb soft, and it creates soft.

Dance movements are slow and beautiful, watching the heart feels particularly comfortable. There is a new student, I have always just look, don't do it, I think she may be beautiful by the teacher's beautiful dance.

That is the beauty of Dongfang women.

Slim body, gay posture, elegant gesture, women's taste is full, let people feel the dream, can't help but look.

It is a blessing to enjoy the beauty and feel beautiful.

Each dance has the characteristics of every dance, each of which has its own beauty. Our Chinese dance, classical dance, national dance, special charm in it.

A girl, if you are interested in dance, learn from a small exercise, then her temperament is naturally good. Slim and light body, tall and generous body, elegant and noble temperament ...

This is the case, this is the case, the temperament is extraordinary, and the charm is full.

Every life is pursuing beauty.

The kind of love, the creation and pursuit of beauty is a blessing.

Dance rhyme yoga has yoga action, but the dance moves soothes, not so violent, slight sweating, the body can accept. Slightly sweat, this is also the best movement effect.

The beauty of dance, and calligraphy, painting, music, literature, manual, design, and various beautiful creations, etc. are all connected.

There is enough aesthetic ability, you can create such a beautiful, you can see, a person's heart is very rich and rich.

Beauty, really, everywhere.

Can feel the two days of teachers, the attitude is particularly gentle, over and over again, repeat repetition, no happiness, this dance has a feeling of cultivation.

I hope I can change myself.

These people who have learned with the teacher, they can learn from the teacher to the teacher. If they are old, no matter if the body is fat, no matter if the body is soft, no matter how the dance is, it is not important. Today, look at them, it is very beautiful.

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