Sports, not just sports

How many times in the child training in one week? "

"Police officials, I feel that this detoxification method is very good, you have to let him run, poison ring, body is also good."

"Police officials, my child just told me that he was running now in thirty circles, is it true?"


The family members of Beijing Hengtang River will meet on the scene, and the family members took a police officer to see the Rehabilitation Training Center asked. At that time, a group of drug addicts carried out sports rehabilitation training in the house. In the picture, the trained people are sweating, outside the screen, the family members are gratifying, and these are just a small epitome of the heaven River Detoxification project.

Since the establishment of the PDCA Sports Rehabilitation Modification, the paradise river in 2012 has been deeply explored research, and finally forms a scientific sports rehabilitation training, the system's motion theory teaching, and the comprehensive exercise effect extends in one exercise detoxification project. Strive to do sports is not just sports, but to truly help drug addicts through their own efforts to get rid of "poison" entanglement.

Respect difference, scientific training

The first principle of sports drug rehabilitation training is to respect individual differences. Detoxificial drug rehabilitation should go through a series of health checkups, sports quality tests, and interviews before participating in the sports and detoxification project. The Rehabilitation Training Center is based on medical examination results, sports test results, and interviews. It provides a basis for the establishment of sports rehabilitation files by people, and provides a basis for the development of the best intensity of drug addicts.

Pay attention to the process, growing in the experience

The heaven river rings designed the "Rehabilitation Training Manual" for each drug addict personnel participating in the sports drug rehabilitation project.

In the manual, detoxification personnel can record their own training content and feelings in detail, and record their own mental history in each month's summary.

Through this manual, the drug addicts can intuitively feel the progress of their daily, and can constantly motivate themselves to develop good sports habits; secondly, through video records, drug addicts, training, documentary, will train documentaries in Meeting Site For the family members of the drug rehabilitation, it is necessary to feel the efforts of the drug rehabilitation personnel, and can help drug addicts to receive their own encouragement and support, and constantly break through themselves in the training and achieve growth.

Multiple linkage, help return to society

The paradise river inquiry and the Daxing District Sports Bureau coordinate cooperation, with the training special form, to carry out social sports instructor training, the "Social Sports Guidector" certificate issued by the society after training It has greatly inspired the self-recognition of drug addicts and is also extremely helpful to enhance their confidence in its return to society.

As of now, nearly 100 drug addicts have received three and secondary social sports instructor certificates through training. The heaven river rings also introduced the sports expansion training project, which can fully play the social attributes of sports. In sports expansion projects, drug addicts can learn how to cooperate, how to communicate with people, how to face life Success and failure.

At present, the effect of the sports and drug rehabilitation project of the heaven river ring is initially limited, and more than 100 drug addicts in the whole process of participating projects, the overall compaction is significantly reduced; in terms of cognitive capacity, in terms of participation in traditional project training Still modern comprehensive project training, drug addicts brain cognitive processing capacity and work memory capabilities and attention must be better than the drug addicts that have not participated in the project (P <0.01); drug addicts, drug addicts participating in the project 30 percentage points higher than the drug addicts that have not participated in the project.

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