Motion and evening exercise, which kind of weight loss?What are the health movement?

As the saying goes, March will not lose weight, in April, not lose weight in April, the summer is sad, because after April, the temperature has begun to rise sharply, the clothes have begun, autumn stickers, autumn, autumn, autumn The winter is still unable to hide, so many people will choose various ways to lose weight at this stage, and the exercise is one of them, and the sports we have to say today is not only for weight loss, the most important thing is through sports. Keep a healthy body so that weight loss has become more meaningful.

Said so much, then to lose weight through sports, how to exercise in the morning and at night? If the sports body will get getting faint in the evening? What is the way to keep a healthy exercise?

Which time in the morning exercise and at night?

Many people are tangled, lose weight is better in the morning, but the night is better, in fact, as long as they choose the way, it can be, but the benefits of sports in the morning are more. First of all, because the air is fresh in the morning, there is much more oxygen content, less impurities and dust, is the best time in the world (except for the gym), in the morning exercise can inhale more oxygen. Second, in the morning, sports can change from the state of sleep, and transform into a positive excitement state, for a day's work / study, from physical function. Make people's mental state, more focused, and higher work efficiency. So in the evening? The best time at night is 5-6 o'clock in the evening or 8-9 o'clock after dinner. These two time periods are the best, because at night, the evening will lead to the excitement of the nervous system, so that the body is actively working, will affect Sleep at night, so in the evening or after an hour, it is a better time period at 8-9 points, and will not affect other conditions.

Tips: So someone will ask, then at noon? In fact, the time that is the least recommended is noon, this is because of the work in the morning, it will make the body feel tired, then pay attention to supplement energy and rest, to deal with the afternoon work, if you exercise at noon, you will make the afternoon work The status feels more tired.

If the sports body will get getting faint in the evening?

Normal cases should make people's body more and more strong, and the immunity is getting higher and higher. In the exhaustion, people will make people feel weak, as long as they adjust the time at night, stop exercise around the night, give the body a buffer time, so that the nervous system is gradually quiet. There is a good sleep at night, and it is more spiritual during the day.

TIPS: What issues should be paid attention to at night?

At night, you can choose walk / jogging / dancing / aerobics / Tai Chi, etc. The intensity and amount of these movements are relatively small, and some intensity of aerobic exercises are best, avoiding neurus to affect sleep.

If the sphere of the ball is performed, it should avoid strenuous confrontation and excessive excitement to avoid affecting the recovery and sleep.

There is at least 0.5-1 hours break between exercise and sleep, and some relax muscles can be carried out, and the feet are washed with hot water, which can help restore and sleep at night.

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, especially in outdoor movement.

What is the way to keep a healthy exercise?

Life is in sports, sports have an important role in the health of the human body. The World Health Organization pointed out that exercise can reduce the death of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and rectal cancer reduction by 50%, which helps control body weight, reduce Overweight and 50% of the incidence, etc., etc., etc. Here we are divided into two, one is an aerobic movement, one is an oxygen exercise, because the effect of the two finally achieved different, aerobic exercise can enhance cardiovascular adaptability, maintain healthy weight prevention obesity, enhance heart and lung function , Improve the adjustment function of the endocrine system. An oxygen-free exercise can increase muscle weight and strength, improve slimmer weight ratio, which is conducive to shaping good body and body type, especially for bone joints, muscular strong effect, not only delaying the loss of physical movement, but also It helps prevent the injury caused by the fall and fractures of the elderly. Therefore, the best way to maintain healthy movement is aerobic exercise + anobia, and the two are trained. Some aerobic exercises have also contained anaerobic exercise, such as baseball / football / tennis / aerobics / swimming, such an oxygen exercise plus some oxygen exercises, and finally achieved better. Here to pay attention to the action of an oxygen exercise should be standardized, and the load is reasonable to avoid injury.

Tips: The best evaluation standard for sports effects. 2. Sports: Many 30 minutes / time. 3. Sports cycle: no less than 3 times / week. Motion needs to be gradually progressive, and you can last for 10 minutes, slowly increase to 30 minutes, which is not easy to bring damage to your body.

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