Walk after a meal, master scientific methods, health health

Health is the beautiful rainbow in the sky, and health has become a hot topic.Have a healthy body, everything is the capital.As people's living standards are constantly increasing, in order to better achieve the effect of health, the focus is to master the scientific methods.Now go out for a walk, we will see a lot of elderly people are walking.However, there are some people who have a walk in the process of traditional Chinese medicine.

2, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris.After eating, this type of active activity is high, it is easy to induce a disease such as angina. It is recommended to take a walk after eating, so that it is possible to avoid distinct symptoms such as stun.

Crowd of chronic active gastritis and digestive ulcers.If you choose to walk after a meal, you will easily increase the gastrointestinal motility, causing corresponding stimulation for the intestines.

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