What sports can exercise your baby?Suitable for your baby's exercise, you can practice at home.

My son began to practice a rugby every week from 5 years old. There are various projects around his training ground, so you can see children who practice various projects every time.

I found a very interesting thing - there is a project called a bear crawling, in the football, basketball, football, baseball, Brazilian jurus training class is practicing.

At the beginning, my son did very bad, so I went home to study this project and practiced it alone.

I found that this project has three very good advantages:

You can exercise a variety of capabilities. Upper limbs, waist, legs, balance, limbs coordination, etc. can be exercised.

Can be practiced at home. This movement is not like basketball, skipping, etc. will have a problem of disturbing people.

You can practice from small. I have seen it in my own eyes to practice this. Later I got online, I found out that I was about two-year-old children, and I was practicing this from the adult. I am still practicing at home now.

Based on these advantages, I have specially written this article, recommend this effect to everyone, and make it easy to carry out old and old salty sports - the bears climb.

From this sporty name, it can guess, it is roughly imitating the movement of the bear crawling, and the English is called Bear Crawl.

Below I first put a foreign object of the two-year-old children climbing GIF, he was very old, the action was very standard!

It looks very simple? But it is easy to actually operate. After the coach guidance, I summed up my son's just learned a bear, and I need to pay attention to the following points:

First, the whole process only has the palm and forefoot.

One problem that children is easy to commit is to put the knees in the ground, so that exercise effect will be greatly reduced. Be sure to let the knee away.

Second, the back is always level.

This may be the most probably wrongful error - the butt is too high, the back is not level.

Children tend to be anxious, start climbing, and easily ignore the posture of the back. Therefore, it must let the children put their posture first, and then adjust the back to the horizontal, start.

Below the child seems quickly, but in fact, the posture is wrong.

Third, always look up at the front party.

Children tend to look down on their hands and feet. This makes it easy to be in the back of the back, and the second is easy to hit the obstacle when moving forward.

Fourth, the thighs and the body are 90 degrees.

The picture below is the preparatory posture at startup, and you can see that both legs are almost ninety degrees.

After climbing up, there is a leg that is basically ninety degrees, as shown in the following figure:

This is easy to be made of legs.

Pay attention to avoid this error.

Fifth, the mobility of the limbs should be coordinated.

At the beginning, the children were easy to hong with hands, and they could even be chaos with hands and feet. I don't know how to move it.

My son is like this, I found a video of the animal world, gave him how the polar bear climbed, he suddenly understood!

When you start exercise, you can let the children slowly, each time you only move the limbs in the limbs. You can follow this order - right leg, left hand, left leg, right hand, and then loop.

After the order is skilled, the speed is pursued. After more proficiency, you can move right with your left hand, then your left legs and right hands will be moved together.

Sixth, pay attention to the legacy of the legs.

There are some projects, such as bear climbing, rock climbing, and once they are prepared, they often consciously use upper limbs. The correct posture is the low limbs.

There may be no difference in two postures, but the method of the upper limbs will be easy to be tired, because the lower limbs are much more strong than upper limbs!

Therefore, it is necessary to remind the children to consciously use the lower limbs. It is an embodiment of being able to actively control the way of power, is also an embodiment of exercise capabilities!


The bear climbs is a project that looks gentle, but actually is not easy.

It seems that it is mainly in exercise, but I will experience the waist, leg, balance, and the coordination of the waist, leg, balance, and limbs.

Indeed, a small number of efficiency!

Although this small exercise looks simple, the action is still a lot, I have always thought that it is secondary, and the action standard is the most important.

When my son just came to the football class, I climbed very bad. I have been practicing for two weeks. I have improved improvement. The picture below is taken after the skilled point:

From this GIF, he can see that he is not very standard at the time, and the left leg is better than the right leg. Now climb better.

In summary, the bear climbs is a very easy to carry out. Children climb three circles at home are not too tired. I sometimes climb up at home, I feel very fun!

Everyone is interested in practicing at home and children!

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