Running the right way to lose weight, the successful runner, tell you the reason why weighs no longer

Sentence is really, weight loss is really difficult than we think! It is easy to get thin if you want to lose weight! There are many people running to lose weight, and even some people have lost their confidence in weight loss!

As a run of a successful life, I have also experienced painless suffering! I want to run 4km every day, insist on a week, my weight does not fall, and I have two kilograms long!

Later, I found the way, plus reasonable exercise, my weight finally declined, I turned from a fat man to a thin child, I can say that success reversal!

Today, I want to say to you, why do you stick to running every day, the result is not reduced to rise? What kind of method can solve such a problem?

I insist on running every day, and the weight does not fall.

1. Are you overeating?

There were many friends in my side, and they will have hunger every time they run after running, so they eat big drink, overeating, they think a lot of consumption every day. Nothing to eat!

In fact, this is a very wrong idea. If we eat too much high-calorie food after running, drink too much drink, then our weight will definitely rise without control!

2. Are you not insisting?

Many people want to go to the sky, dreaming of dreaming in a few days, in fact, this is impossible! Even if running is very effective, it is impossible to meet immediate results!

Most people can't see the effect of weight loss after running a few weeks, in fact, this is a unfortunate thing! Want to lose weight, our time is best for two months!

3. Is it not enough?

Sometimes it may be that our intensity is not up to standard, and the time is less time! Run a few minutes a day, although there is a certain benefit to our body, but I don't dare to compliment with the effect of weight loss!

How to take the right solution?

From the food

Sometimes, even if we have been very hungry, we have to hold back, can't eat big drink, overeating! This is the fundamental way to help us lose weight!

It is possible to know that half bottle Coke is likely to offset your 6km running, so we must be careful for diet, eat more low-calorie high nutritious food!

2. Increase exercise time

Sometimes a dozen minutes of running is not too much for us to lose weight. So we can increase your own time, 30 to 40 minutes of running every day is the best!

3. Persistence is victory

If you do anything, we can't waste halfway. I know that you give up, the early efforts are all chemical, so we should stick to it, I will insist on running for two months, I saw the obvious weight loss effect!

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