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do you know? Walk is known as one of the best exercise methods in the 21st century.

01 walking is the best longevity medicine

"Walking!" Don't run, "Dr. Starman, the author, pointed out: walking fitness requires a big step, the speed is faster, the arms swings, and look up.

Don't think that the walking is a simple lower extremity movement.

There have been many studies have confirmed that regular health can effectively exercise all parts:

The mind - promoting the brain to release endorphin, so that the mood is pleasant.

Lung - increases lung capacity, reducing the desire of smoking.

Back - reinforcing back muscle strength, and smaller against the back.

Legs - walking equivalent to the strength training of the bones, can significantly enhance the leg and foot bones and muscle strength.

Three hours above a week can reduce 35% to 40% of the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Three days a week, more than 45 minutes later, you can prevent Alzheimer's dementia.

More than 7 hours a week, it can reduce 20% of breast cancer, 50% of the curative effect of II diabetes.

In addition, there is the following benefits:

1. Walking can enhance the heart function, so that the heart is slow.

2. Walk can enhance blood vessel flexibility and reduce the possibility of vascular rupture.

3. Walk to enhance muscle strength, strong legs, bones, and make joints flexible, promote human blood circulation and metabolism.

4. Walking can enhance the digestive gland secretion function, promote cornal regularity, increase appetite, have a good role in preventing hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and habitual constipation.

5. Walking outdoors, brain thinking activities become clear, flexible, effectively eliminate mental fatigue, improve learning and work efficiency. According to relevant expert tests, three times a week, each time an hour, continuously adhere to the four months, the former reactivity, visual and memory, which are keen, visual and memory.

6. Walk is a static movement, static fitness mode, can relieve neuromuscular tension. According to experts, when irritated, anxious, walking for about 15 minutes, you can relieve tension and stabilize emotions in 15 minutes.

7. Timed persistence, will eliminate cardiac ischemic symptoms or reduce blood pressure, enabling human body to eliminate fatigue, happy spirit, relieve flopp palpitations.

8. Walk can reduce the accumulation of human abdominal fat, maintain the body of the body.

9. Walking can reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the likelihood of myocardial infarction.

10. Walking can reduce hormones, excessive adrenaline production, excessive adrenaline will cause arterial angiogenesis.

02 most healthy walking method

In 1992, the World Health Organization pointed out that walk is one of the best sports in the world. It is easy to travel, strong, no matter how long is young, and when you start this sport.

Xi Bo, a professor of the Health Science Department of Xi'an Physical Education, pointed out that before walking, we must first do three preparations:

1. Wear correctly. Wear a pair of soft bottom shoes, protect the ankle joint from harm. Wearing a comfortable sports, favorable physical activity.

2. Semed well. Do the exercise of stretching, stretching the throws, preventing exercise damage.

3. Take a bottle of water, with a small amount of moisture, can prevent dehydration.

Have prepared, let's take a look at what is the most healthy walk: ↓↓

Quickly prevent disease

A number of authoritative studies have found that persistence is going quickly, can effectively fight diabetes, reduce stroke, prevent Alzheimer's dementia.

In order to ensure the exercise effect, it should be at least 40 to 60 minutes each time. People who have just started exercise can gradually increase the frequency of motion and time, first walk once every other day, starting from half an hour, gradually adaptation, you must insist on exercise every day.

When the average person will walk, it feels a bit of breath, and the body is sweating, indicating that the exercise is reached.

Some people walk like to carry hands, so that the exercise value is almost zero. The correct posture should be very chest, the abdomen hips, the curved arm swing.

It should be noted that diabetes patients will be able to take a piece of sugar when they are going to prevent hypoglycemia accidents.

2. Pour the cold and back pain

Pounted originated from the 1970s, when some track and field athletes were injured, through this method, physical recovery exercises. Later, some sports experts pointed out that falling is actually a good way of exercise.

Wu Wenqiang, professor of Beijing Sports University, pointed out that falling can exercise usually usually used the waist and back muscles, balance the exercise effect. For a long time, you can effectively alleviate your body fatigue and back pain.

But experts remind, the body's body function degraded, the balance ability is declining, when you fall, because you can't see the road conditions, it is likely to fall, bumps and other hazards.

In addition, the old legs are not in the foot, and the fall cannot be too fast, so the exercise intensity is small, and the exercise of cardiopulmonary function is very small, and it is very uneconomical from fitness effect. Therefore, the old man try not to fall.

It is recommended that people who like to fall, try to choose a flat pavement, and the surrounding environment can use the way that is running and falling.

3. Take a word step to cushion secret

Yang Li, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that the sports itself is a natural prescription that improves constipation, and a targeted targeting is stronger. The essentials of walking a word is the left and right feet to swim in the middle of the middle line, and the left and right feet are on the left and right sides, and the upper body remains relaxed.

This way of walking will drive the ankle to reverse the waist force, stimulate the gastric peristalsis, and effectively prevent constipation. The amount of exercise walking is not too big, and it is enough to take 500 meters away.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention when walking, and the action amplitude of the hip torsion should be too large, try to keep the body balance to avoid sprain the ankle.

4. Walk around while shooting

When walking, two hands are semi-gripping, and the tiger mouth is opened into an arc. While the left foot moves forward, both hands open on both sides of the body. While the left foot is landing, the right hand gently patted the left chest (with the nipple as the origin, horizontal and vertical each of the top 1/4 area), left hand Then beat the back of the right back.

Then just right legs, left the left hand to put the right chest, the right hand is taking the left, while moving forward, one side. According to fitness experts, this way of walking can exercise the lungs and helps breathing smooth. When walking, keep your body upright and look forward.

5. Slim squats

The old man often causes weakness, relaxation, causes spine deformation, hunch back. When walking, you may want to start the hands and stroke, allowing the back of the back to get rid of the muscles, and also exercise the back and abdominal muscles, reducing the waist burden.

Pay attention to the upper body straight, the chin is prretty, high-rise, the two shoulders are stretched back, the size of the step is suitable, while the front and rear arm, generally take 80 to 90 steps per minute.

6. Walk away to run the burning fat

Zhoe pointed out that the short-term high intensity exercise is made first, then change a timely low-intensity exercise, thus paying a recovery of the body, called intervals training.

Compared to continuous aerobic movement, the interval training method has a higher intensity, and can reduce the pain and fatigue after exercise.

At the same time, high-strength motion also makes the fat burning speed accelerate. When exercising, you can run 15 seconds first, then walk 45 seconds, so alternate for 20 minutes. You can also run for 60 seconds, then take a 3 minute, so alternate for 30 minutes, you can see the effect for a long time.

This kind of intensity is relatively large, and the exercise is going to shake the legs, scream, relax the whole body to alleviate the tension of muscles.

7. Positive walking quality

Positive steps don't have the same posture as a soldier, as long as the full foot is very flat, look up, watch the feelings, continue to the body with sweating, just achieve the purpose of exercise.

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