Walking to lose weight, just this 5 steps can be thin

For modern people working, everyone knows how to exercise, in order to be good, however, every day is completely insufficient enough to exercise, if walking can lose weight. Don't say, you can really lose weight, but you have to do the following steps.

To do this, you can easily lose weight easily.

1, take a little more

Different from slow walk, speed up the speed, you can help fitness to lose weight, generally recommended that the walking frequency is not less than 1 minute 140 steps. When you go to get off work or go out, you can choose to speed up the speed on a slightly flat and safe way, or try to change speed, do your body to sweat, have some acceleration, there is some tiredness of sports to achieve fast Walking fitness. However, if the body itself has some chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, hypoglycemia, etc., it should be cautious to choose quickly, so as not to suddenly the body is not suitable.

2, take a big step

Walking can not only go, but also increase the pace, can't be lazy as usual, to increase the way to walk, let your body move more, in order to lose weight fitness. When walking, you can help stimulate your leg muscles, accelerate the heart rate, increase the effect of oxygen exercise.


3, take a multi-point road

Increasing walking time is not doubtful in increasing exercise, there is a conditional person to last for about 20 minutes, if there is no urgent matter after get off work, you can get off at a bus or subway station, Steps, or walk around the house to go home, the way to buy food is undoubtedly undoubtedly increasing the amount of exercise, the amount of exercise is also a key factor in the fitness weight loss.

4, change your posture and walk away

Unlike usual walks, we want to achieve fitness weight loss, and use snacks in walking postures. First of all, we must be straight, avoiding the back of the humps, the shoulders open, and the women who love beauty can also use the walking time to continuously abdomen. It can easily reduce the little belly, and improve the overall temperament. . In addition, try not to play mobile phones when walking, avoid danger while reducing the burden on the spine for long-term low.


5, etc. Effective utilization

You can use it to take advantage of your simple amplitude fitness action during the time of the car. Such as the abdomen, the tip of the foot, reverse the head of the neck, can use the armrest to exercise the arm muscles in the bus or subway.

Walking weight loss is known as the most healthy and safest weight loss method, unlike other weight loss methods, it may also be harmful to the body. For those who do not have time lack of exercise, it is undoubtedly a choice of weight loss method. Here, you also appeal to everyone, you should move, keep your health.

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