Happy sports, infinite vitality

In the season of December, it has entered the winter.However, a new year-of-child experience of Changqing Experimental Kindergarten will let everyone forget the cold. The difference between the sports meeting is different, you don't need to have any sports, but it is important in participating, healthy, happy work..

This sports meeting has six-year-old tensile, refers to a total of four sports projects, a routine jump, and relay.First, the host teacher explained the rules of the competition.Then, the game was officially kicked off.The teachers in the competition are united. Everything is sports, mutual encouragement, and help each other, carry forward the spiritual style of unity and cooperation, sound a burst of refueling sound, laugh, applause ... After a fierce competition,The sports meeting ended successfully.Zhang Weiwen, headed by the teachers who have achieved excellent results in the competition.This meeting enrichs the amateur life of teachers, inspiring the enthusiasm of faculty and staff and strengthening communication between each other.

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