Experience fun sports to help Beijing Winter Olympics

In order to further enrich the cultural and sports life of community residents, inspire winter community residents to participate in the interests and enthusiasm of sports. Recently, Xinfeng Community, Xinyang Street, Tinghu District organized a winter fun gain, so that the residents in the community moved to help Beijing Winter Olympics.

Yesterday afternoon, the weather was cold, but the residents in the Xinfeng Community, their enthusiasm was not minus. Projects such as piercing leads, hinden pingpers and clip-beads are rounded. Residents work together to cooperate with each other, the scene is a happy and peaceful atmosphere, everyone is fighting to catch the speed, grab the time, and strive to take a grand prize.

Citizens 1, 2: "This year, the weather is cold, we can't go outside, you can see the community to send the event into our community, we are particularly happy."

"I am 76 years old, I am very happy to participate in this event."

Citizen Wang Grandma told reporters that she usually likes sports, wearing a needle lead, and the bomb bead is her strength, knowing this activity today, she is the first signature.

Citizen: "I have participated in the match of the beads, I got the first place, I am really happy, very happy."

Yu Yong, the party secretary of Xinfeng Community, Xinyang Street, Tinghu District: "Encourage everyone to move the bones, activities, improve their participation, and let them feel happy, feel the richness of our life."

The residents participated in the fitness exercise at home, not only helping Beijing Winter Olympics, but also integrates intellectual interests. It has been exercised and relaxed, so that every community residents take a positive attitude, safe winter, happy winter .

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