Reasons for the induced neuronal disease!

There is no exact cause of pathogenesis in motion neurogenic disease. According to the survey, the cause of motor neuron disease may have the following points:

Trauma: The human body may lead to neurological damage after trauma, thereby appearing corresponding symptoms, and there are many patients with different degrees of trauma.Excessive physical labor: there is a data showing the chances of miners and heavy body workers, etc.Different degrees of damage.

The disease is mostly in the middle and old age, and men are more than women.

Sports neuron disease usually occurs, and the disease progresses slowly.Due to different damage sites, clinical manifestations are different combinations of muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, marrow paralysis and other symptoms.Many cases appear a type of manifestation first, then another type of performance occurs, and finally evolved into ALS.Therefore, it is sometimes more difficult to determine which type in the early days of the disease.

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