Enjoy sports fun and temperament

The opening ceremony site.

Flag of the flag.

▲ Wang Lingzhi, member of the Party Committee, Vice President, and the head of the leaders of the Campus Campus.

▲ He Lizhi, a member of the Party Committee and Vice President, to the opening of the school.

▲ Vice President Huang Liguo announced the opening of the school partner.

The school partition leading cadres participate in the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.

The leading cadres of the Canton Road Campus participated in the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.

School part talent show.

Wengfu Road Campus Talent Show.

Fighting high school team.

Broadcasting report information.

Tug of War.

The passionate label team.

Working back.

Solid ball.

high jump.

long jump.

4 × 100 meters relay.

Life is wonderful because of sports, campus is more beautiful because of sports. On December 20th, Suining Middle School "Enjoy the fun of sports, the strong will" was held in the school parties and the Wenfu Road Campus. The school leadership team, middle-level cadres and teachers and students of each year participated in the opening ceremony.

Intern Chen Liangmei

Full Media Reporter Tianqi



Playing a fight in your youthful movement

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the sun in winter warm the playground of the campus, accompanied by an exciting "play", Suining Middle School 2021 Winter Athletics Games slowly opened, the national flag team, the king team moved into the venue, they The eyes are like torch, and the spirit is high, followed by the lagoon team like the flower sea, the colorful flag of the sun fluttering highlights the youth and vitality of the students in the new era.

Lifting the national flag, playing the national anthem. After the solemn landing flag ceremony, Wang Ling, He Ligui made a word in two campuses, and they reviewed the excellent results of the school's 2021 sports work, and a brief introduction to the development plan of the school's underlying sports.

Juvenile strong national strength. Wang Ling, He Lizhi hopes that all athletes can play their respective levels, increase fun in competitiveness, enhance friendship in the fun, enhance unity in friendship; hope all staff, referee stick to post, due diligence, fair The referee, showing the vigorous vitality of the middle and civilized and harmonious, united, and actively enterprising.

Subsequently, the athletes representatives, the representatives of the referee will be solemn, and they will participate in this sports meeting with active and enthusiastic attitude, adhere to the principle of fairness and fairness, harmonious competition, carry forward the spirit of sports, winning, winning, and defeat. Ensure the game smoothly with good professional quality and morality.

In the expectation of teachers and students in the whole school, Wang Ling and Huang Li Guo announced the "Opening of the 2021 Winter Track and Field Games in Suining Middle School".

B talent show the distinctive distinctive

Fifty-six national fifty-six branches, fifty-six cultures have cultivated large China. In order to let the students feel the folk customs, understand the national culture, carry forward the national spirit, enhance the love of the national feelings, the two campus students around the "gathering the national power, cast the era" show the theme, dressed in a beautiful national costume, in the music Dancing, showing the cultural elements of fifty-six nations with a distinctive performance method, and staged a wonderful national cultural feast.

Talent show, head wearing a crown, feet wearing embroidered shoes, high-altitious girl dancing; hospitable Mongolian guys and girls are passionate, playing a whole pace with the pace of singing and dancing through the chairpers; dressed in the Yi people Give everyone a moving dance; the "swing dance" of the Tujia family, the "fighting for fire", Yao's folk song "咛 哪 嘞" ... The teenagers in all national costumes will 56 nations Cultural Characteristics and Sports Deep Fusion. Such a literary performance is both a national unity's theme education practice, and effectively inspiring the patriotic enthusiasm of the students, hitting a cultural brand for sports, fully demonstrating the spiritual style of the mid-education, and struggling to go up.

In the Wenfu Road Campus, the third grade square team finally rotated, under the leadership of the class teacher, the students took the enthusiasm of the cavity, with the confident smile, express the desire of the inner heart with the loud slogan, and show the decisive battle with firm eyes. The courage and strength of the college entrance examination, the bright brands flutter, becoming a beautiful landscape in the campus.

C Focus on the same game

You compete for me on the exercise field, and the sports ground is cheering. After the opening ceremony, as the referee has a whistle, the sports athletes fight spirits, and quickly put into the superior game. I cheer, shout, and cheering, cheering, lingering every corner of the playground.

On the 100 m stadium, the gunshots sounded, "prepared to start", the athletes were like a row of wild horses, struggling forward, struggling to challenge themselves, fighting for groups; in the long jump competition, athletes accelerate, walking As a perfect curve in the air; in the solid ball competition, the athletes struggled again and again, a deep shallow blot, showing the strengths of beauty, in the instant, they completed themselves ... ... No matter which match, the middle school has interpreted self-improvement, and the unlimited youthful style of self-improvement is used in his own actions.

On the playground, there are sports athletes's symptoms, and there is a passionate cheering of the Lara team, and there is a silence of the logistic players. They are not athletes, but they have a higher passion than athletes; they are not the safflower on the sports field, but they are more beautiful in the call of green leaves.

The sports will have two major projects in Tianyou and Trail.Tian Chao includes projects, long jump, lead ball, etc., tracking is 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 4 × 100 meters relay, and 800 meters of faculty and staff, high-jump high projects, teachers and students in the sports meetingChallenge yourself, beyue yourself, let friendship pass, let the dreams fly, let the sweat in the stadium.The teacher and students enjoy the joy of sunshine; the beauty of beauty, Fengrun campus culture connotation.The sports meeting is a centralized display of all the teachers and students of Suining Middle School since the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy. Sports not only enrich the campus cultural life of the students, but also cultivated teachers and students collective honor and teamwork spirit.Enhanced mutual exchange between teachers and students, and implement new vitality for the implementation of the important decision-making deployment of education reforms in Suining Middle School.

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