Enjoy the winter, play sports

Athlete admission

Raising ceremony

warm up

Small class "ant lucky food"

Zhongshi "Happy"

Small two classes "Penguin Walk"

Big class "Jumper"

Life is moving, healthy achievements. Warming the winter sunshine, with the mood of joy, in the hands of the whole park, Xuanhua Town Experimental Kindergarten "Yuexiang Winter, Play Sport" Winter Teachers and Students Fun Games at 9:30 am Sub-formal start.

The sports will kick off in the "Athletes". The babies of the experimental kindergarten are in the classmate, wearing a clean class service, bringing the props that carefully select and design, and raise the glorious class representing the class, shouting the loud slogan, walking powerful The pace, debut, confidently showing the good spiritual style of small sports, after the solemn ranking ceremony, the sports meeting officially started, teachers carefully designed games, each project is smart into climbing, running, drilling, Jumping, balance and other children should master the basic action, the sports meeting, the small players are all in the palm, confident, through the "small horse crossing the river", "opening and closing", "small turtle grains", "Happy", etc. The competition project, the small athletes are struggling to struggle, and many "Xiao Xiaojian will", shout, laugh, and cheer. . . . . . Put the sports meeting to the climax, the scene is like a joyful ocean.

The sports meeting created a good atmosphere for the children, creating a spirit of sports that positively dare to fight, so that children grow up in the game, growing in exercise, I wish the babies with this happiness and brave, running More beautiful future!

Figure / Wen Yue Yuefeng Zhang Ximin

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