Sports and non-exercise, the difference is a whole life

Long-term adherence sport and people do not exercise, gap between how much?

Large photographs of people, the difference before and after, are staggering.

A regular exercise, the presentation of the state, and people do not exercise is completely different.

Sports and who do not exercise, poor whole life.


Excellent customer workshop founder Mao Daqing, in 2013 was diagnosed with depression.

Then he began to medication, each time to eat six kinds of drugs, but also a lot of side effects.

At that time, the company is just to promote national sports, we encourage employees to actively exercise.

Mao Daqing, is a very nasty movement of people, but in order to play an exemplary role in the company, he began to bite the bullet and movement.

In the process of movement, unconsciously, his mind began to very subtle changes.

In the first five kilometers to finish that night, he did not take medicine, but especially sleep at ease.

Sports, so that he suddenly happy again.

Every morning finish step, take a bath at home, feeling mood of the day were great.

Through sports, Mao Daqing become more optimistic, and gradually get rid of the torment of depression, also stopped taking a lot of medicine every day.

Mao Daqing said with emotion: "I do think sport can cure depression, it had me cured, then drugs do not eat, sleep is also very good."

Movement of people, more optimistic than those who do not exercise.

Early years, moving business Research Center, Nanjing University of Science published an article called "suicide-prone students, sports students is an exception."

Studies have shown that people who like sports than people who do not exercise, the probability of depression or suicide is much lower.

I believe many people have this experience, and a troubled time, just have to go a few laps, a sweating, a lot of body and mind will instantly comfortable.

Exercise can heal body and mind, makes a person optimism, better face the storms of life.


We have the impression, Old people should look like?

Is not senile, physical condition plummeted, every few days to run to the hospital, eating a lot of medicine every day?

Xi'an 81-year-old Huang may have to feed the elderly, still in good health and spirits.

Huang uncle like running, running is a full 20 years.

As long as it does not rain, it will run once every other day, no more than 1 minute 34 seconds by the four Hectometer.

Photographs of the yellow uncle, full of energy, and muscular, very, very healthy.

Many young netizens joked, yellow uncle ran up, young people can not catch up.

Chow said: "The earlier motion, then 80 years old, you can have 40-year-old body."

Movement is the best weapon against the years, but also to maintain the best health Cheats.

One person for some time, always feel a little high blood pressure, dizziness constantly, and she went to the hospital to check blood pressure to a critical point.

The doctor advised him medication, but also has to eat, be taken for life.

One person refused the doctor suggested that I give two months time, let me make some adjustments, two months later if not, I will take medicine.

One person made the so-called adjustment method is very simple, is exercise.

Brisk walking every night for an hour, then slowly started running, has always insisted on never stopped.

Two months later, to the hospital, blood pressure drop back within the normal range, high blood lipids down from the critical point to the midpoint, fatty liver into a mild to moderate.

And adhere to the movement for some time, go to the hospital for examination, we found that all indicators are back to normal.

"The Lancet" has posted a report on global daily amount of exercise, the report shows, the long-term lack of exercise, it will make tissues and organs function decline by 30%, various diseases will follow.

Regular exercise, physical condition than people who do not exercise good, but also low risk of illness, is an indisputable fact.

A person wants to have a healthy body, only to overcome the lazy, the station "runway" in motion.

Can manage healthy people can manage life without health, everything is empty.


The question was asked on almost know: how in a short time, become thin and the United States?

High praise to answer only a simple word: exercise.

Her name is Sunny, only 23 years old, but has often been said to look like Aunt.

Five years ago, her body is still very slim, temperament is also outstanding, but since the work, life becomes uncontrolled, rising body weight, body gradually disfigured.

Because often laughed at, Sunny become more self-esteem, more self-confidence did not even dare to look in the mirror.

She asked herself: Is this life so fat forever?

The answer is, no, she decided to start to change yourself.

So she bought a pair of sports shoes, sportswear set, give yourself a specified 20 weeks running fat loss plan.

Week 1, because for too long did not exercise, did not run a few steps out of breath, once wanted to give up.

The first two weeks, is still very difficult, quick to stitch, legs cramps, particularly painful.

The first five weeks, running very tired, plus the bad weather cause trouble, let her heart more and more crashes.

The first six weeks, the body starts to get used to the rhythm, you can run farther.

7 and 8 weeks, the speed has also been improved, no longer feel that running is a torment.

The first 20 weeks, she did not let up, running faster and faster, people around were a little surprised.

Finally, when she completed 20 weeks running program, he took off his coat the moment, everyone was amazing up.

If two people are sentenced to two, it is two people. Sunny said with joy: "I not only get better now, the skin has become young, and the temperament has become charming."

San Mao said: "The book is more read, and the face is naturally changed."

Sports are also the same, you run the step, the sweat flowing, and finally it will show it through your temperament.

Sports, you can make you more beautiful, more confident, and better.

Obviously, sports is the best skin care products and the highest cost-effective investment.


Since the media, the old king told the story of his friend.

When I met this friend, he began to contact sports, and the body is a bit slightly fat, and it is a bit restrained.

In the three years, the friend integrates the exercise into the daily life habits.

People are thin, the spirit is full, and the whole person has become confident.

Today, this friend is a full sports fan, every week, I can't move to the gym to exercise 5-6 times, and various sports plans are in an orderly manner.

Lao Wang asked friends, what is the greatest benefit of sports?

My friend replied that the exercise made me more self-discipline, so I can control more about life.

When others play games at home every day, he is well fit;

When someone else struggled to get up, he has ended in the morning and completed the amount of exercise on the day.

Because it is very self-disciplined, it is very self-disciplined in other ways.

For example, work is not delayed and efficient, and only this can guarantee a sufficient time to exercise.

From the evening, from not staying up late, sufficient sleep can make the fitness effect better.

Do not take high sugar, high-salt, unhealthy food, so that you can maintain good body ...

Sports, let him become a highly self-discipline.

The spring tree in the village has said:

"Running is a kind of training for yourself, develop self-discipline habits, exercise your own willpower, when doing other things, use self-discipline to become a gentle thing."

The exercise is self-discipline, and a real self-discipline is often more options to have more options, the more freedom of life.


I like this very much:

"Going to exercise, even if you move 5 minutes, 10 minutes, it is more close to what you want than sitting, lying closer to what you want."

Sports and non-exercise, it is really different life.

Every sweating of your exercise is not to live up to your future.

When you start running, I will have a good mentality, a healthy body, a sun's face, and a hanging life.

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