Volkswagen ice and snow movement continues to heat up

Recently, the 3rd National Volkswagen Snow Season launched in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the three places of Shennongjia Forest Region. Among them, Wuhan venue is the theme of "ice", the Enshi Prefecture and Shennongjia Forest Region will be "snow" theme, and the unique ice and snow resources and geographical charm of Hubei are displayed through three places. Snow dragon boat, snow tuning, snowy relay, snow two competitions combined with local characteristics and ice and snow sports features, bringing unfounded ice and snow experiences for local people with tourists.

It is understood that from now on, in April next year, the national public ice and snow season will run through the entire Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disappearance. The "China Ice and Snow Caravan" "China Ice Caravan", "National Ice and Snow Open Class", and the ice and snow activities such as Ice and Snow and Snow.

With the footsteps of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, all kinds of ice and snow events across the country have been launched, and the enthusiasm of all localities involved in the ice and snow movement continues to rise, and create a strong atmosphere for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Since December, the skating rinks in Wuke Songhua Xi, Beijing have become the most lively place in the square. In the ice rink, most of them are a family "group" customer who purchases a parent-child ticket, and some middle-aged people participate.

The first time III Xiaohan is 9 years old this year, and it is spent on the ice. "Don't be afraid of falling, more afraid of falling, I am in your back, stabilizing my heart." Under the guidance of the coach, Xiao Han repeatedly learned the technology of ice turning.

On December 19th, on the ice rink of Wuke Songhua Xi, Beijing, children learned skating. Workers Daily - Sino-Worcological Network reporter Liu Bing photo

Founded in 2018, Liangcheng County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, China, mainly cultivated alpine ski teenagers. It is a high mountain ski project training institution in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and has been passed on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The picture shows the Liangcheng amateur sports school athletes training on the snow road (photographs on December 18). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Lei

Xiao Han said to the reporter: "Most of the students in the child class have learned to skate. Now Beijing Winter Olympics is coming, with the child to try the ice and snow sports, both rush 'fashion', can also cultivate the child bravely character."

The Ice Square staff told reporters that the passenger flow in this winter was significantly not less than in previous years. "

The reporter learned through visits that the weekends in the city of Beijing are almost all sneakers in the weekend and holidays.

The ice is hot, and the snow field is not more. According to the reporter, the Badaling Ski Resort is the first safe ski site in Beijing, which is a safe ski site in Beijing. It is the near future. After the skier purchase, after entering the Badaling Ski Rome, the ski level is divided into the designated area to expand the ski exercise of different stages, and each region has different level ski coaches to perform free guidance for skiers, and prevent the Snowfall collision.

Ice and snow sports are also invested in this winter. A few days ago, the "three bands" fun ice and snow experience activities of the "three bands" in Shanghai Haidian District College Road Ring, held in Beijing University of Science and Technology. 6 college students, the staff of the research institute, and more than 1,000 people in community residents have experienced experience.

The small sink of this interesting ice and snow curling activity told reporters that he was a southerner who never experienced the ice and snow. Now in the campus, the atmosphere of Dongbo promotion in the community is very strong, so I also want to feel it. " .

As one of the three major championships in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the public participates in the heat of the ice and snow movement is equally high.

In Zhangjiakou Chongli, many snowfields have launched a variety of popular promotions, attracting more people to participate in skiing. A staff member of the Wanlong Ski Resort told the reporter that the Winter Olympics will be very obvious to the people's participation in the ice and snow movement.

In addition, in response to the reality of rural areas, the gap between the venue, ice and snow talents, etc., Hebei specializes in more than 500 ice and snow cars, with terrestrial curling, ski, land ice hockey and other ice and snow equipment equipment and winter The Olyce knowledge brochure, in the way of the tour experience, in-depth in the province, so that the masses can participate in the ice and snow at the door.

With the implementation of the excavation of the ice and snow resources and the implementation of the "Behakan Exhibition East Expansion" strategy, the ice and snow movement has also become a fashion in the southern region in the past two years.

The reporter learned that in order to let more people share the results of ice and snow and winterio, the State Sports General Administration has officially launched the "Ice and Snow Huimin Plan", the first batch of 33 ice and snow venues jointly in Beijing, launch an initiative to the national ice and snow sports venue, regularly to the people Free open, facilitate the public to participate in the ice and snow movement. Dingdong, Director Director of the State Sports General Administration, said that the national public ice and snow season launching ceremony came to the central region for the first time, and it seems that it is significant in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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