Wisdom Sports Let students fall in love with sports

Intelligent trail, physical data self-test system, unattended precision event system ... Not long ago, Lianhu District Haojiaxiang Primary School officially launched a smart sports program, realizing the presentation of real-time sports data, which greatly inspired students' sports interest, let Sports are more scientifically, physical education is more intelligent, and the sports and intelligence have been achieved, "double reduction" and high quality are also heavy.

"In recent years, the problem of physical health in the" Xiaobian Pier '' "small glasses' is generally existed in the young people. Students lack exercise, do not love sports, physical education class teaching quality is not high," Haojiaxiang Primary School President Party Red Mei told reporters that the school began in May 2019, with intelligent sports as an entry point, cooperated with Internet technology enterprises, and integrates information technology and education teaching, launching construction intelligence sports projects, with artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things Waiting for advanced information technology, build intelligent sports solutions, achieve "physical education, physical education", so that every student walks into the playground and walks into the sun.

The school's sports trail has a self-service test kit with AI visual analysis technology, including sports human face recognition, interactive query large screen, intelligent physical test health column, intelligent physical monitoring booth and other equipment, can achieve long-distance from students Collection, students can simultaneously check the day motion data in real time, this week, this month's accumulation data, this week, the rankings of the whole school and the honor of themselves, improve the sense of exercise. It is also possible to test heart rate, body temperature, breathing, vision, balance, reaction, etc. through intelligent physical test equipment. The school has established a physical health profile and model for each student, and can track students' physical health changes for a long time.

The school installed the induction coil under the 200 m runway, and analog to a simulated gun equipment and event feedback on the runway are arranged. Students wear passive bracelets can complete the precision tests and competitions such as 50 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters and other projects, accurate to milliseconds, and rankings and other data are immediately fed back to the large screen.

Bluetooth base stations and Bluetooth servers are deployed in the school playground. Before class, teachers can set the teaching content, sports intensity, sports density and other indicators through the background management system; in the class, the students should wear the heart rate bracelet, prevent sports safety risks; after class, teachers The physiological data collected in the classroom is based on whether the teaching quality of this class is up to standard.

Can students do the sun in the sun for an hour? Is it high whether or not height, weight, vision, etc. Through big data sharing and personal growth status curve analysis, teachers can monitor students' daily physical health status and formulate individualized sports prescriptions.

Under the leadership of smart sports, the school also launched a series of reward mechanisms such as "campus sports and small" "Sports Giis Star", "the strongest sports class", igniting the enthusiasm of students' sports. At present, the construction of smart sports projects in school has achieved initial effects. In just more than a month, the student who took the initiative to the playground in the playground, and the fragmentation of the fragmented movement was increased from the original 30% to 60%, and the data was still increasing.

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