How to relieve sports muscle soreness

Does the small partner have this feeling, often do not exercise, the result of the second day, the muscles and soreness, in a few days, it can be slowed down, and the exercise will not give up for a few days. How to protect muscles and effectively in sports Relieve muscle soreness? And see the decomposition below.

Protecting muscles before exercise

Do your warm-up exercise, activate muscles

The sports ring must be warm-up, activate the muscles, and cannot skip the preparation step directly to start high-strength exercise.

First do mild exercise, gradually increase the strength. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can't start from the heavyweight barbell. You should practice a lightweight, then practice high-strength supouptif.

Stretching correctly

It is necessary to stretch before and after exercise, help lactic acid from the muscles. The warm-up is stretched, because the muscles will become flexible after the warm-up, and it will not be damaged when stretching.

After the high-strength exercise should be stretched immediately, do so can prevent muscles from stiff, reducing sourness.

Keep sufficient moisture

Don't lack in water before exercise, water shortage will not only cause dizziness or even fainting, but also increase the sensation of muscle pain after exercise.

Drinking water before exercise can not be too fierce, otherwise it will cause gastric bloating and stomach cramps. Whenever you have to maintain adequate moisture, especially before the high strength movement is one to two days.

High-strength exercise is supplemented enough moisture to improve the oxygen content of muscles, thereby increasing endurance and promoting lactic acid metabolism after exercise, it is recommended to exercise a glass of water every 15 minutes.

Soothing muscles after exercise


Immediate ice after high-intensity exercise, which can effectively relieve muscle soreness, alleviate inflammation, and quickly sooth the muscle soreness.

Before the intramuscular or muscle mass (non-body), the ice is used as a buffer with a towel or the like. It is too low to prevent temperature.

Fix the ice with a plastic film. If you need to move, fix the ice with a plastic film, the ice is for 10-20 minutes.


The first measure after exercise is ice application, and it can be used to promote blood circulation and relax muscles after a few hours. Thermal treatment lasts for 20 minutes. Take a hot bath, hot water can relax muscles.

If you feel that the neck is stiff, you can use a short sock to full rice and sealed, and the microwave is used to heat it after 1.5 minutes, you can reuse.

For the muscle soreness of a particular part, you can post a warm baby for hours.

Keep moving

Most people will give up movement, but the study shows that maintaining mild motion can promote muscle recovery. Of course, muscle repair takes a certain amount of time, and the intensity intensity cannot be too large.

Motion can accelerate blood circulation, thereby reducing muscle soreness. Exercise promotes metabolism to relax the muscles.

When you feel muscle sore, you should measure your movement strength, and you will do some mild movement the next day. For example, after running five kilometers, muscle soreness, then you can reduce strength, go half a kilometer to one kilometer.


When you exercise very tired, muscle fiber tissue will slightly tear, and the natural reaction of the body is inflammation.

Massage can promote laxual waste in lactic acid, lymph, from the muscle metabolism, relax, and promote muscle repair.

When massage, you should not only pay only the center of sore muscle, and should be pressed on the edge. A comprehensive massage allows muscles to relax faster. So when your wrist is sore, you should massage the whole arm.

Measuring the type and extent of soreness

High-strength exercise is generally normal, but it should also pay attention to whether observation is serious. Usually, the second day after exercise is painful, especially suddenly increases the intensity intensity, or altering the motion type exercise to previously moving the motion. This kind of muscle pain is generally relieved after one or two days.

Any sudden sharp pain in the exercise should be paying attention to the performance of muscle damage. Also pay attention to the pain in the joint, with anti-ligament, half-month injury or osteoarthritis. If you suddenly feel the muscle soreness, it is not relieved in a few days after taking the non-prescription drug, please see a doctor.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!