Sports kit blessing real shot Mercedes-Benz EQC

At present, there are many high-end pure electric SUV models in China. Maybe many people support domestic independent brands. But today, the model we have to talk about is a high-end SUV of a joint venture. Its quality is acceptable, just like its brand. After listed, many people are pursuing it, that is, Mercedes-Benz EQC, a strong high-end pure electric SUV.

Mercedes-Benz EQC face gives a delicate feeling, the closed grill uses a polygon design, closed Mercedes-Benz logo with a blue interior embellishment, with fine headlights, very compliant with consumers' aesthetics

In terms of body size, the long-length width of EQC is 4774/1923 / 1622mm, with a shaft distance of 2873mm, a front tire specification 235/55 r19, and the rear tire specification 255/50 r19.

In terms of the taxi, Mercedes-Benz EQC seems to be luxurious, with the taillights of sports, it seems very late, and it is sigh.

Sitting into the car, Mercedes-Benz EQC interior gives a very delicate feeling, coupled with black piano paint trim, detail embellishment, very well reflected in the designer's careful thinking.

The steering wheel of the car uses three design with chrome-plated decorative strips, the feel is not bad, the car dial is used to use the full liquid crystal design, which is more cool and the technology is full.

To the front row, standard the leather seat, there is better comfort. The front seat function is relatively rich, equipped with a seat heating and memory, and the adjustment button is slightly different from the ordinary model, at the door panel, Mercedes official family design.

The car is equipped with a rear head air bag. The lattice exit is still sufficient to take care of the passengers. Since the wheelbase is not extended, the latter space of the car is slightly promoted, but it is good to do a longer The calf is very good.

Dynamic, EQC is equipped with an asynchronous asynchronous + post-induction asynchronous motor, the total power of the motor is 408 horsepower, the total torque 730 cattle, rice, matching fixed teeth ratio transmission, maximum speed 180km / h, official 0-100km / h accelerate 5.1, the power battery pack with a capacity of 79.2kWH, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 415km, and the fast charge mode is charged to 80% of the power to be 0.75 hours, and 12 hours in slow charging mode.

Comments: Mercedes-Benz EQC is good in the market, with uncommon competitiveness, at this stage, the super-big discount makes its price ratio is not bad.

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