Linyi County Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association was established

On December 20th, the establishment of the Jiki County Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association was held at the Meeting Room of the County Sports Development Service Center.

The General Assembly read, considered and passed the "Charter of the Linyi County Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association", which produced the first council president, Vice President, and Secretary General.

Car motorcycle movement is a emerging sports project. In recent years, there have been rapid development in Linyi County, and more and more participants have become an important part of the county national fitness activities.The establishment of the Motorcycle Sports Association in Linyi County is designed to provide a standard communication platform for the majority of automobile motorcycle enthusiasts, further improve the level of automobile motorcycle movement, create a strong car motorcycle atmosphere, and promote the county national fitness exercise.And the sports industry sustainable healthy development.

(Wen: Shi Peidong Chen Wen Wen)

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