Wuyi County ice and snow sports are in full swing

Winter season, meet the ice and snow. In recent years, Wuyi County, Hengshui City has worn the people 's ice and snow movement, and the coordination of ice and snow movement has been developed to the grassroots, and the ice and snow movement will go to the grassroots. Go to the school, go to the community, go to the countryside. Welcome Winter Olympics to help Winter Olympics with more high spirits.

In order to better carry out the ice and snow movement, Wuyi County has issued a series of activities, integrated design, integrated promotion. Unified design and production of Winter Olympics, Ice Snow Sports Knowledge Manual. In order to facilitate the masses to experience the ice and snow movement, the county opened the community ice and snow sports meeting in the masses "house", combined with the national fitness project, creating the "ice and snow sports" experience around the people, and promoting ice and snow sports into the people's life, driving more people to participate.

Among them, the community ice and snow sports will characterized by parent-child movements and fun games. Through the community promotional column, inform the event time, place, relevant sports sector, ice and snow sports association, social sports instructor, etc., the social sports instructor, etc. A "ice and snow caravan" is entered into the community, and the ice and snow sports equipment, the winter Olymploye will be sent to the masses "house".

With the increasing foots of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, Wuyi County actively carried out these series of ice and snow events and experience activities further stimulated the enthusiasm of the masses, and set off a new climax of ice and snow, and added the ice and snow movement for continuous heating. heat. (Contributed: Wu Yi integrated media)

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