Dianxian picks up ice and snow sports

A few days ago, in the 3rd Ice Snow Games and 2021-2022 season Hebei Province Youth Curling Championships, the 20 young ice carapers in Dianxian, who played in Zhangzhou, won the third place in the province of this session. This is a micro-shadow in Dianxian to carry out the ice and snow movement into the campus activities. They use the "two foundation, two platforms", and set off the heat of ice and snow, driving the high quality development of the county's ice and snow sports.

In recent years, Xianxian has vigorously developed ice and snow sports, consolidating hardware facilities, and has established a county simulation skating seater, and the South River head middle school is pouring. Especially in the county, it is vigorously promoted land curling projects, and more than 40 sets of land curling trails in all towns and towns, each township, and each county is established. Improve the quality of the team, organize the county primary and secondary school sports teachers to participate in the city-level ice and snow sports training, and set up a curling training base in the intensive Yingjie Primary School and the fifth middle school. The pulley and other items are trained, from primary school, junior high school to high school, realize gradient training, professional improvement.

It is understood that Dianxian actively participated in the provincial and city ice and snow sports, Dianxian land curling team won the Cangzhou City championship for three consecutive years, and creating a sports brand in Dianxian County. Construction promotion "Platform" to carry out the "Sixth" for ice and snow, the county schools use sports classs, sports associations, ice and snow micro-class, popularize Winter Olympics and Ice Snow Sports Knowledge and Skills. Tissue ice and snow caravans, 63 villages in 18 towns in the county, 2 communities, 6 merchants stored in the land curling, the table, ice pot, etc., involved in the masses, more than 200,000 people, created the whole people Pay attention to the participation of the whole people, and the whole people share the strong atmosphere of Winter Olympics. (Source: Zhangzhou Daily reporter Shenping)

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