Winter health | How does sports little white will enter the ice skating exercise?

Your ice invitation

"Two-week air flip 1440 degrees"

This high difficult action

Brush my friend circle after the World Cup

Even when I grew up in the South

I can't help but cheer

The footsteps of the Winter Olympics are getting closer

Everyone is increasing about the level of ice and snow movement.

Looking at the slope of the white

And athlete

I immediately searched a nearby ski resort.

Start ideas to skiing your own skiing

As a non-crux of sports

I decided, before the official start skiing

First consult experts first

In-depth understanding of the ice and snow movement


Correct posture of winter skiing

Skiing is one of the snow sports that is popular with sports enthusiasts.

Snow and sunny sunshine in the mountains, the breathing is full of fresh air, but ice and snow sports are not only good for health, more fun. Therefore, the ski has become a "pit project" of many ice and snow sports enthusiasts.

Ice Snow Movement allows you -


Enhance the body's flexibility and improve coordination skills.


Enhance the body's heart and lung function, exercise blood vessel protection.


The reduction effect is remarkable, and the ski can consume a 734 card for an hour, which is equivalent to 9.5 kilometers running, and is more fun than running.


Outdoor sports can bathe in winter warm sun, relieve the "winter depression" brought by the season, and can effectively reduce EMO moments.

Before working in sports, you need a sufficient warm-up exercise, stretch the muscles you need to use when you move, so that your body enters the state of high strength movement. After the end of the exercise, it is also necessary to carry out sufficient stretching activities, relieve muscle fatigue, reduce the damage caused by exercise. Skiing is a project that is distinguished from conventional sports, and the warm-up preparation is also different.


Warm-up action

TIPS: All sets, 15 to 20 times each group

Single-legged vertical position hip / hip rotation / proactive hip hip knee / waist rotation / joint activity

Stretching action

Tips: 30 seconds slowly and stable pulling, the process is suitable

Tensile ankle joint / stretched strand four-headed muscle / stretch rope muscle / stretched hip


Be careful! Snowy is not like cotton candies

Ice and snow movement has certain professionalism, so there will be certain hazards during exercise. In the exercise of the exercise is often unpredictable and difficult to avoid, how to accurately and make a timely reaction to the injury of yourself or companions?

Way to maintain bone health everyday


Obvious pain or tenderness in the back of the inner ankle / outer ankle


Obvious pain or tenderness occurs when touching the tibia


Unable to actively flex the knee joint more than 90 degrees


The injured side can not step on the ground or cannot walk more than 4 steps.

After confirming the symptoms of injury, some first aid measures taken in a timely manner are also very necessary. Correct, timely initiatives can reduce the pain of injured and reduce unnecessary secondary injuries. In the process of injury, you need to follow the principle of "Price".

"PRICE" principle

P: protection protection

R: REST is fully restored

I: Ice ice

C: compression

E: ELEVATION raise afflicnce


On the ice, pay attention to your bone safety

Sports Xiaobai wants to get started with ice and snow, how should you guarantee your own security?

Skiing This has a certain professional movement that needs to be carried out under the guidance of a profession. And you need to pay attention to your own skeleton health during the winter movement. Winter is also the season of high-risk problems, and frozen roads and bloated clothes are also easy to cause accidental injuries. Therefore, in daily life, it is also necessary to pay special attention to bone health.

Way to maintain bone health everyday


Stick to daily physical exercise, take a day for 1 hour


The strength of the force, often do some weight-bearing exercise


Supplemental calcium and vitamin D3, improve auto-density


Enjoy the sun, more sun

After a period of professional exercise

I walked into the snow field under the guidance of the coach.

Although it is still falling out of life new height

But through professional guidance and scientific training

I have been able to bride on the ski resort in the ski resort.

Winter good time

Let's embrace the ice

Helping your health escort for your health

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