Is it possible to exercise in sciatic nerve?

Skia neuropective exercise? Sitting nerve pain is mainly a symptom of the pain of sciatic neuron distribution, it is necessary to exercise proper exercise, can't stay because of the pain of the body, so it is even more unfavorable than the body's recovery, and even worse It may cause atrophy of muscles, but increase the patient's condition. Therefore, patients with sciatica can move appropriately, but it is not possible to perform vigorous exercise. What moves with sciatic nerve pain?

1, left and right turn, the two legs are separated from the shoulders, the two hands stand, reverse the buttocks, first slow, turn 20 ~ 30 times, 2 times a day, 2 times.

2, the upper body flexion two feet is separated from the shoulder width, standing in both hands. The legs are straight, and the top is bent forward and rendezvously, and then extends back, and continuously flex 20 to 30 times.

3, leaning on the wall bending the waist and the shoulders are separated from the shoulders, and the back to the wall is around 1 meter. Both hands support the walls on their shoulders, try their best to lower the waist, and restore it after being bent back to 1 time, do 10 ~ 20 times.

4, left and right legs, two legs, stand together, standing on the waist. First, the left leg is straight, try to carry, stop 2 ~ 3 seconds to put down to the preparatory posture; change the right leg to do the same practice, repeat 10 ~ 20 times.

5, cross-touch feet are separated from the shoulder width, and the two hands are standing. Bending the left and left the right hand to touch the left foot, then turn right to the left hand to touch the right foot tip, repeat 10 times.

6, shoot the hips two feet separated from the shoulder, and the arms are kept. Two hands and half holding boxing, gently patting hips, can also use one hand of leg pain, 30 "50 each time, 2 times a day, with local feeling.

7, sitting seat, sitting on the bed, the upper body is straight, both legs are straight forward. The upper body is curved forward, both hands in the thigh, the calf is forwarded, and the body is back, and the hand is back, restore it into a preparatory posture. Repeat 10 times.

8, the sleeper is on my bed, the legs are straight, and the two feet are facing up. Take an ankle as the axis and turn 100 to 200 times in the ankle joint. Do 2 times a day.

9. Massage the lumbar vertebrae takes a standing position or sitting. Use two hands to make a balance. Blind is partially fever. The technique is gently, and it is quick to quickly.

10, leave the leg left. Standing, hands in the wall, the turn is swayed in the left and right direction, and the foot does not appear in the ground.

11, alternate straight legs to raise exercise. The supine position, the turnt is left, and the right leg is straight and raised, and often exercise can gradually increase the raised angle.

12, stepping bike movement. Surpose, two lower limbs are riding stepping on cymbals, and the stepping range can be gradually increased.

13, sitting on the legs. Site, two legs are close to or clutched with a thick book, straight knee, heel, hold the stool, lift your legs, then let go. At the beginning, legs may not be raised high, and the level of raising legs in the legs will gradually increase.

14, sit on the push legs. Sitting, followed by, squatting, two hands on the thigh, then bend forward, two hands pushed to the foot. At the beginning of the training, it is difficult to push to the foot, and it will receive a good effect for a while.

15, squat. Hand stool, left leg bend knees, right legs are straight to the right, so alternately.

Skull neurot pain patients pay attention 1, pay attention to work and rest: pay attention to work and rest, after exercise, rest for 15 minutes each exercise, choose the movement of yourself, so as not to overcome physical strength, it will play a reaction or cause other diseases . 2, it is not appropriate to take a bath immediately after exercise: the patient will sweat after exercise, and can not take a bath immediately after sweating. After the clothes are soaked by sweat, they should be replaced in time, preventing moistive clothes from being dried in the body, so as not to be cold, affordable. 3, acute pain period should reduce exercise: When the patient is in acute pain, the amount of exercise should be reduced, do not use the legs, arms and back to force weight to prevent the sciatic nerve. 4. When exercising, you need to properly protect your waist and hips. To actively avoid sprain or fall, you can't have a disease through exercise. When you start, you can do it, and there is also a small amount. It may cause slight pain, this time cannot be greedy, slowly increase until the body is gradually adapted.

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