Sports health: sports health

The daily life is getting more and more people who have just begun to pay attention to physical and mental health, but also more people like fitness exercises, but many people don't understand what is exercise, just a fitness exercise, which is not only difficult to have practical exercises. Effect, and even destroy the body and mind of the body. Below we will introduce the healthy knowledge of fitness exercise in detail for everyone.

1. Excessive exercise and many drinking water after exercise

When the exercise is excessive, the body salt has a lot of sweat from the body, and the drinking water will reduce the blood of the blood, destroy the balance of the body water salt metabolism, affect the normal physiological role of the human body, and even continue to produce muscle spasm situation. Because of fitness exercise, it is necessary to increase the heart rate and inhalation to increase blood and CO2 to consider fitness exercise needs. And many drinking water will rise in the stomach, to prevent irritation muscle activities, affect the inhalation; the total flow of blood circulation system is increased, but the heart pressure is not only unfavorable fitness, but will continue to harm the heart.

2, not suitable for fitness exercises after dining

3. Do not exercise in moderately address

Because the basic role of fitness exercise is based on a lot of fresh CO2 from the outside to consider physical and mental health requirements. Therefore, you must choose good addresses before fitness, with a smooth, gas fresh ecological park, river beach, sports venue, etc. Position is best.

4, don't exercise with bad emotions

5, choose the best exercise intensity

There are many ways to choose the best exercise intensity: such as index value identification method, heartbeat identification method, Cooper identification method, Phi Astry identification method, fatigue identification method, simple identification method, link identification method. Because each person has different cases, the calm heartbeat is 15-30%, or even a large number, so the best exercise intensity should be based on its own age, gender, post characteristics, energy situation, physical and mental health, basic, sports culture basics, Different status of living environment, local tasks, etc.

6, the benefits of combing sports

Sir, means that after exercising, a series of relaxation exercises and post-sports lattice, etc., it is to relieve fatigue, repair physical fitness, and improve the practical effect of exercise.

7. Supplement and repair of nutrients after exercise

The above introduces the healthy knowledge of fitness exercise in detail, and expecting everyone to pay attention to this small knowledge in fitness exercises, so that fitness exercise will enhance physical fitness.

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