Health method: 踮 踮,, 身 大 好 好

With the launch of the health method, everyone can be said to be very concerned about health knowledge, because of the health of the human body. Due to the pressure on modern society and work, the body is not good, the mental state is very weak, and many people will ask if there is any way to relieve it.


Of course, today, Xiaobian is to say is the simplest and efficient health method of this lazy welfare: 踮 踮 脚, although it looks very simple, but the health of the body is very good, it can mobilize the whole body. 300 seconds every day, insist on for a while, you will harvest 4 surprises! Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

Every day, there are 4 benefits to "feedback".

1, thin calf

The tip of the feet, it looks very normal exercise, but it is a good way to thin calf. When we picked up the feet, the muscles behind the legs, the blood volume squeezed by shrinking can promote and speed up the following The blood of the calf is broken, and it has a good effect of good skinny legs.

2, promote blood circulation

When the person is in the upper and lower feet, the muscles of the leg will have a tight state, causing the amount of blood in the back of the two-sided calf to extrud the blood of the blood at each shrinkage, which can urge the blood of the calf. It is ruined, which can promote the cycle of blood, and improve the leg edema.

3, prevent stroke

In today's society, the state of the stroke in young people is also very common. Stroke is generally because of the yin yang deficiency caused by the real-time, brain qi will lead to the rush of yang, usually It can relieve this situation well, but it can not only stimulate the blood of the brain, prevent stroke, or a very good health method.

4, refreshing

The frequent 踮 踮 尖 can stimulate the kidney and the bladder, can improve the blood of the brain, and people who have a high work pressure can be taken deep breath while going deep breath, playing very well The role of the brain, relieves tight stress.

Correct way to 踮 踮

The body is in the state of standing, with the heel of gravity, the backheel is lifted, then slowly put down, there is a good results, and play a good effect. One action persists 10 seconds, do 30 times, 300 seconds per day.

300 seconds are mainly for beginners, because when you have just contacted such actions, you will have a state of falling, which is not conducive to the health of the body. When you slowly adapt, you need to stick to a month. Time, and half an hour is most suitable for half an hour.

In the usual life, the office worker can exercise by sitting in the pointers, you can take a scorpion for 300 seconds after a meal, which can make the whole feel comfortable and easy to digest. For the elderly, be sure to pay attention to safety, so as not to fall.

It is best not to walk through the tip of the body, or it will be very nice to take the health of the body. Do you know how to make this health? If you don't know, after reading this article, do you want to try a trick? The effect of health is very good!

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