2022 sports headphones which brand is good, Bluetooth sports headphones list

On the way of sports, we have been pursuing an immersive experience, what all bags, half packs, in-ear, half-in-ear, bone guide headset, I have experienced, all have their own advantages, so choose a good exercise. The headphones are especially important, and now there are a variety of headphones for us to choose, for many people, this inevitably looks a bit complicated and difficult to choose. So today, I collected some good sports headphones, and recommend it to everyone, I hope to solve everyone chooses the problem of sports headphones.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

South Card Runner Pro3 bone passing earphone can listen to songs, vocalization principle and traditional headphones are different, bone conduction is through solid sound, vibration and maxillofacial passing sound to auditory nerves, will not affect the air sound of our ear canal That is, we hear the sound of the outside world, so it is more suitable for exercise.

South Card Runner Pro3 uses new Bluetooth 5.2, which reduces power consumption and stability, also supports multi-point connection technology, 10 hours of long-lasting, IPX8 waterproof can be swim, but also intimately prepared 16G storage for swimming users However, there is no blue-tobacid signal without a Bluetooth signal without interrogation, which is the product of high-end technology integration.

2.Beats x In-ear Bluetooth sports headphones

The Beats X headset adopts the ear design, in order to provide users with comfortable wearing feeling, the product has created a compact Flex-Form earphone cable, and the official said that even all day wear is comfortable. Also equipped with Apple W1 chips, which can be quickly adapted to iOS products such as iPhone, while connecting and seamless switching. Well waterproof performance, waterproof and sweat, can meet daily exercise needs.

3. Sennheisel CX 6.00BT Bluetooth sports headphones

This Senhe Selle CX 6.00BT In-ear Bluetooth headset, using collar cable, in-ear programs, maintained the classic design, metal aluminum material, surface polishing treatment, light weight, lightweight 14 grams and provide four different sizes of black silica gel earmuffs. Headphones are integrated with truss line control, can control music playback, easy to call, support CVC noise reduction technology, improve call clarity and singing quality.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

South Card Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones overall shape is small, although the appearance is similar to traditional headphones, but looks that the headphones are not in the earphones. Headphones uses a symmetrical design, the top pair of bone conducted speakers. The current popular magnetic charging design is charged. Magnetic charging reducing direct interpolation charge interface, achieving full enclosed body design, not only increases the waterproofability of headphones, but also the overall appearance of the appearance is also more beautiful, South Car Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones reach IPX6 waterproof dust level; Headphones built-in 150mAh battery, up to 6 hours, life. It is full of 2 hours, and the red light is always on when charging, and it is often bright. In general, it is a very good sports headset designed for sports people.

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