Luo City Running Association was established

Luo Rongcheng Media (Reporter Zhang is on December 18, the Junluo Running Association was held. More than 150 running enthusiasts and heads of the surrounding county and rushed sports associations were present to participate in the establishment of the General Assembly and the first first member representative meeting.

The membership representative conference on the same day also elected the honorary president, president, vice president, secretary general, deputy secretary general. It is reported that the city's Running Sports Association is mainly composed of three large and medium-sized runners in our city, and members account for more than 70% of the city's runners, including more than half of them. Running enthusiasts reached the level of participating in the whole horse.

"The Rong Rong Association is officially established in many running sports enthusiasts, and the three running groups are officially established. The city's running sports enthusiasts finally have their own home." The Secretary General of the Running Sports Association said. Next, the association will hold a series of running exercise activities, and carry out regional running exchange activities, providing technical guidance, scientific training, organizational entrance services for running sports enthusiasts, promoting running culture, and promoting national sports development.

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