Can hereditary unity can move?

Hereditary intense disorders refer to the non-coordination of limb movements due to the mutation of genes. Then hereditary intersection, as the name suggests, it is often able to gene in the next generation through a certain way, because of the involvement of genetic mutations, there is currently no particularly good way, then hereditary unity can be moved .

However, due to the uncoordinated itself, then this uncoordinated extent is also due to the disease, so it can move the amount, which is also villain, if the unity is relatively serious, then Not suitable for a lot of exercise, if the unusual dispensing is relatively light, do some exercises are no problem. Overall, it is not recommended to do excessive exercise, and the appropriate amount of exercise is no problem.

Everyone's exercise should combine their own situation, without falling, if the balance is very poor, then the family needs to be auxiliary patient to exercise. It can be exercised through the ground, half-squat, deep squat, lift the legs, chopsticks, and the like. By reading, singing to exercise the ability to speak.

I adhere to exercise is very important, exercise will not be significantly improved in a short time, I must insist on it to feel my changes for a while.

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