Dacome60 Bone Passing Bluetooth Headset: Blooming

Author: Xiao San said Digital

With the rise of the sports style, the bone passage headset has become one of the exercise equipment necessary for friends who love sports. In addition to the long-term exercise, they can also listen to changes in the surrounding environment, so as not to be sudden Vehicles lead to danger. Today, I will introduce it to you, I have recently started a Bluetooth headset - Dacom E60, which is somewhat different from our common bone guides.

First introduce DACOM, from 1999, in 1999, this brand has been in the field of sports headphones. It is still in the field of audio. It has rich research and development experience. The products sell well in more than 20 countries in the world. The pioneers of sports earphone categories.

Open the package, except for headphones, there is also a pair of ear support, one USB-A port charging line and a manual.

The foregoing said that Dacom E60 is different from the other bone conducted earphones I have seen, and the first difference is from the design. Dacom E60 uses a hanging ear design, many friends will say, isn't this a sports headset? That's right, but it uses 11mm bone pass-through unit, which is still the first in the bone conductor headset.

Neck is used in liquid silicone material, not only skin care, but also more bits and neck, it is easy to accommodate, better memory force, and will recover if it is released after folding.

The entity button is on the right headset, which is the switch button and the volume + - button, but the button layout is reasonable, and it is also very convenient to perform one-hand blind exercise.

The headset built-in 120mAh battery, can listen to songs for 8 hours, running a whole horse. The position of the charging interface is sealed. It has a good waterproof, and the interface is a traditional USB-A port. This is also more regrettable. If it is changed to the Typec interface, it is quite perfect.

The Bluetooth pair of headphones is very simple, and after the first pairing is successful, it will be automatically connected to the phone again, which is very convenient to use.

Due to the use of bone guide and gas guidance, the sound quality of Dacom E60 is good, the three-frequency parsing capacity is very strong, the treble part is unpared, the middle sound area is clear and clear, the bass part is low, the whole sound quality can be turned Society. Moreover, the half-in-ear design also effectively improves the leakage problem of bone conduction earphones, and the measured distance is 20cm is not able to hear the music in the earphones, and the privacy leak has been greatly improved.

Hanging the ear and half-in-ear design, with the earsturing and ear hangs the stability of wearing, even if it is running easily when running, there is better comfort than most wireless headphones on the market.

In addition, the DACOM E60 supports IPX7-level waterproof, not only the sweat and rain cannot cause damage to the headset, but also directly rinsed with water after the end of the exercise.

Through a period of experience, Dacom E60's ear mounted design is more stable, strenuous exercise does not have to worry about falling off, and the incoming ear design is more comfortable, bone guide and gas guides bring sound quality, reduce the leakage Question, 8 hours of long-running sail makes us enjoy the fun of sports. If you also like sports, you may want to experience this bone's sports headphones, you will be the best partner when you exercise!

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