Ice and snow moves hot

"Draw a smile, start the winter; holding hands with snow, put happy ... Colorful touch, fly the Chinese dream" ", Set off the climax of the 8th National Volkswagen Ice Snow Season launching ceremony. The launching ceremony showed the unique ice and snow resources and geographical charm of Hubei, and focused on welcoming Welcome to Winter Olympics, broad participation, physical travel integration, comprehensive building integrated ice and snow event integrating culture, tourism and sports. This is the masses' enthusiasm and blessings to the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. The 3rd National Volkswagen Snow Season launched in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the three places of the Shennongjia Forest Region, Shennongjia Forest District, with the theme of "Dream Winter Olympics, Sharing Future", from December 19 to 2022 In April, the National Volkswagen Ice Snow Season will run through the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association. In addition, this year's ice and snow season will carry out the "China Ice Caravan" "National Ice and Snow Open Class" "Sliding 2022" and other ice and snow events, and planning ice and snow sports, enter the campus, entering the enterprise, into the scenic spot, In the country, enter the community, enter the family and other "seven-in" activities, set off "Ice and Snow", "Winter", preheating the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, and has successfully created a good atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The vision of "300 million to participate in the ice and snow movement" has gradually become a reality. With Beijing and Zhangjiakou successfully applied for 2022 Winter Olympics, China's ice and snow movement approached the public, achieving the vigorous situation in promoting the promotion of the country, forming the northwest of southeast, echo in the winter and summer, the new pattern of full flowering on ice on the snow. Whether it is the southern Guangdong, the western Chongqing, the central Hubei is also the eastern Shanghai, and the construction of ice and snow sports venues, organizes ice and snow sports, carrying the ice and snow event, and creates ice and snow sports, so that the ice and snow movement has become a new highlight of the mass fitness. New choice. The Beijing Winter Olympics is getting approaching, the enthusiasm of the people involved in the ice and snow movement is increasing, more and more people walk into the ice and snow sports venue, enjoy the happy snow sports, become a beautiful landscape of Health China.

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