Beijing Winter Olympics is getting the ice and snow sports

In the series of activities held in the China Tibet Mountaineering Conference in Tibet Lhasa, Tibet, the event participants took pictures near the end of the mountaineering event. Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Ruibo

At the Yantai Ice Sports Center, located in Fukushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, student in practicing ice hockey. Tang Jock (people's vision)

Ski enthusiasts celebrate "Open" in the ski resort in the Jilin Vanke Songhua Lake Resort. Xinhua News Agency

Ski enthusiasts are skiing in the Silk Road International Resort Silkland under Urumqi, Urumqi, Urumqi, Xinjiang, enjoying the happiness of the ice and snow. Zhang Xiuke photo (people's vision)

Recently, Mengbao, who won't walk smoothly, went to the network, because parents have recently ski in Hebei, she ushered in life for the first veneer ski journey. "Will Walking can ski", come to social media, attracting extensive attention. The picture shows Meng Bao in the ski. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Sail

In the winter mass sports in Inner Mongolia, "Love Ice and Snow and Ice", from the local youth ice hockey, the speed skating team launched a series of performances to the public, so that the public learned the knowledge of ice and snow, and feel the charm of ice and snow. The picture shows the speed skating player at the speed skating show. Dinggen thick photo (people vision)

In Tsinghua University, the "Burning Ice Snow Love" welcomes the theme event of Winter Olympics, a student participated in the land curling competition at the event site. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Huanzong

More than 40 days, the global gaze will focus China, the passion and glory of the Olympics in China will be ignited here again.

Dreams of ice, the winter Olympics inspired the Chinese people's enthusiasm for ice and snow. In recent years, China 's ice and snow movement promotes popularization, ice and snow economics, the enthusiasm of the people involved in the ice and snow movement, "the vision of" 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement "is gradually become a reality.

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