2022 sports headphones what brand is good, sports headphones brand

Suitable scenes use the right earphone, especially during exercise, with music can bring some fun to our boring movement, but now there is a wide variety of headphones, we want to choose a suitable sports headset may take a lot of time I have used a lot of headphones before, some headphones are still very suitable for sports, now introduce several good sports headphones to you.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

If you use a traditional incoming earphone when you exercise, you can't quickly understand the surrounding environment, but it will have a good feeling in your ears, so the bone conductor headset is a better choice for sports.

South Card Runner Pro 3 has added a number of innovative features to make bone conducted earphones better integrate into multiple scenes in their lives. Built-in 16GB memory, even if you don't connect your phone, you can play music; at the same time, you can support 8-level swimming waterproof, even if you do not support Bluetooth underwater scenes, the MP3 function can be used. Outdoor scene Bluetooth 5.2 can also be more stable.

2. Sony WF-SP700N Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Designed beautiful, charging bin design is also great. The WF-SP700N has a digital noise reduction function, basically can isolate the surrounding sound. But the sound effect is not significant. In terms of sound quality, it belongs to the medium and low frequency tuning, the low frequency is relatively good. It is a typical Bluetooth sports headphones, suitable for music with strong rhythm. In terms of wear, it is fixed by a relatively stable shark fin. The weight of the unilateral headset is 7.6g and is relatively comfortable. In terms of battery life, 3 hours of battery life is relatively short, but it is good to support charging for 15 minutes to listen to fast charging functions for 70 minutes. One disadvantage is that there will be latency, and people who play games and dramas need to be careful.

3. Huawei Free Lace PRO Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This headset has two control modes + touch, users can customize headphones touch features through "Wisdom Life App". The accessories are equipped with three pairs of different sizes. These earplugs have excellent ergonomic design, excellent wearing stability, sealing and comfort. Among them, the earbuffed earphitch design is more suitable for long-term wearing.

Since the noise reduction function of this earphone is too good, this headset also has a transparent mode, which can pay more attention to the surrounding sound when crossing the road, which is safe to travel. The sound quality it uses a 14mm ancestral ring, three-frequency balance.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

NANK South Card CC 2, this is the Nanka entry-level bone conductor headset, the NANK South Card CC 2 also equipped with the magnetic charging interface with the flagship model, instead of the traditional Type-C interface, such design Bring better enclosures, dust-proof and waterproof is more like a floor. Although it is entry-level but compared to some mid-end bone conducted in the market, it is not much more, first in waterproof, NANK South Card CC 2 waterproof reaches IPX6, this is some mid-end headphones, after Just reach only 28 grams, the ear feels less than the slight burden and oppression when exercise, can make a better exercise experience for the use of people.

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