Sports collision technology, SportApp allows limited motion

Do you often have this trouble when you are fitness:

Why do others go out of the march line 21 days, I have passed the twenty-one day, the little belly did not change?

Why can someone eliminate 20 pounds a month, I insist on a month, the weight is not not reduced, but also increased?

Why do you eat the same rice every day, do the same thing, others are thin and beautiful, I still changed?

Because everyone's physique is different. If you want to practice, you should develop a suitable fitness plan according to your own body, physical fitness, fitness objectives, etc. Blind followers are not only the effect is not obvious, but it is possible to bring irreversible damage to the body.

But I am too expensive to go to the gym to find a private coach. What should I do?

It's coming! It's coming! It comes with technology!

SportApp is a fitness sports software product of Lankao County Aerobic Network Technology Co., Ltd., which uses block chain technology, according to fitness experience and professional knowledge of fitness, professional coaches, using large data algorithms, for different users' fitness Demand and sports characteristics, thousands of push to push the sports plan and course.

SportApp sets in many sports people and fitness coaches, customers can exchange and guidance according to their own physical fitness, sports characteristics, fitness needs, etc. Professional, one-on-one targeted guidance, helping users better improve motion, quickly achieve fitness effect.

Most bracelets on the market now, or only record the number of steps, or only monitor your heartbeat, heart rate, and just a simple record effect, you can't provide more data for people's physical testing. SportApp's bracelets can not only record the number of sports, but also monitor the heart rate and heartbeat of the user.

Because of the long-term overtime, the work is irregular, eat extra sale of nutrition is not balanced, resulting in the current quality of the young people, and the slight arrhythmia or short heartbeat can not be found in time, waiting to be severely discovered It will not be paid to it. But the serious manifestations on the heart are generally stopped, and the result is the sudden death. This is our most reluctant to see the news that I often see now.

SportApp can play a role in monitoring when the user does not exercise, the user does not feel the abnormal situation, the data will tell you. So only the user can insist on wearing bracelets, and occasionally open SportApp to see if the data is normal, you can clearly understand your physical condition, after all, no one can install an electrocardiogram while watching the machine.

At exercise, the heart rate of the SportApp and the bracelet is displayed and recorded. The heartbeat can also prompt whether this movement is suitable for users, whether the user's exercise is reasonable, helping users better select sports courses, control the time of motion. Let users enjoy the right sports courses, not to waste time, truly every step, count each second. SportApp's publicity philosophy is "sports without fear, life without limits!", Use technology to monitor the body state, let users sweeping, don't worry about their physical condition, break through the body limit, create unlimited possibilities.

SportApp users get a platform-like "Golden Beans" through the method of combustion calories through the bracelet, etc., can use the harvested golden beans to exchange, users to reward and reward, the event mission interaction, mall merchandise exchange. Allow users to enjoy the excitement of motivation of adrenaline, nail-renaline, etc., can also see truthful and full gains. In SportApp, users can experience the double happiness and satisfaction of the body and psychology brought by the movement.

SportApp uses technology to monitor sports and protect users' health. Let the user exercise with peace of mind, boldly break through the limit, truly "sports without fear sweat, life without limits!".

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