5 point thinking


Positive position

Many people started fitness, the initial thing is that their own movements are not like, few people pay attention to doing right.

All pairs, from the surface, it is high, the hand is not high, the legs are not straight, the waist is deep,

But from inherent, you have to scientifically in the right joints.

Do one thing correctly, more important than to do a correct thing, more important.



Many will have a lot of exercise, there will always be many "insights".

Some people say that they are so practical, some people say that they are so practiced.

But I never believe in any one, tell me how to practice talents, I only believe in those who have been practicing, guidance and sharing given.

In yoga, "Asan Jia" genre, there is a sentence: "99% exercises, plus 1% theory."

In fact, you only know in practice, the action itself is the high theory, but simple theory is the most insignificant actions.



Practice Yoga is not long, but the same style, every day is practicing.

In particular, the Byday, Japanese A and B, which is almost fixed, especially the fixed sequence.

But the longer the practice, the more you want to be awe.

Really learning, never just "learning one or two times will be".

I will always treat myself as a beginner, a little bit to correct it, and go to improve, a little bit to refine.

Never end.



The more you are busy, the more you will move.

Maybe the body will be a bit tired, but the heart is quiet.

Because this hour, you only need to do something simple to do, just need to grasp the rhythm of breathing, step by step to start your body.

Twenty-three hours later, you will have a thorough relaxation and trimming.

The exercise gives people happiness, it is here.



The body is the temple and temple of everyone.

You have to stay, clean, neat and order, in order to give the soul, a good soil and environment, so that it can grow healthily.

Even the body is not willing to organize and clean, it is difficult to overcome the lazy and slacks in the nature, which is able to live in the spirit, quite hardships and suffering.

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