Movement guidance from diabetic patients

Can diabetic patients exercise as ordinary people? What issues should be paid attention to in patients with diabetes patients? I hope this article can help confectioners find the way of sports that suits them. Sugar friends can choose their own favorite movement, companion sports, can also develop sports plans suitable for themselves to help themselves.

What time does sugar friends do? From the first grade, about 1 hour after the meal, the exercise effect after breakfast, exercise after dinner can consume excess energy, but we should pay attention to the morning exercise should not be too early, should not be empty.

In daily life, we can exercise at any time, such as: Multi-walk, reduce the bus; get off early, walk to work or go home; take the elevator, climb the stairs; reduce the time of watching TV or computer, more walking , Playing activities.

To develop a good habit of regular movement, be careful not to exercise in hunger or food, avoiding separate exercise, exercise, carried with diabetes rescue card, candy, etc., to prevent hypoglycemia, if there is a fluster, sweating, systemic , Suffocation, lower limb pain, etc.

Finally, share different intensity exercises:

High intensity exercise: skipping rope, ball sports, swimming, running

Medium Macro: quick walk, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs, aerobics

Mild sport: broadcasting, Tai Chi

Very mild sport: shopping, walk, do housework

All in all, choosing a way to suit your own movement is the best.

Author: endocrinology Sun Meng

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