Yang Yangguan Xuan Sheng Brand New Reconciliation New Attitude Explore Sports Charm

On December 20th, German sports brands Bogner Bogna officially announced the actor Yang Yang as the brand spokesperson, and issued a group of latest brand advertising blocks.In large pieces, Yang Yang body has a brand 2021 autumn and winter "professional ski" series, demonstrating a variety of outdoor fashion sports charm wearing, exploring the ultimate experience of comforting sports in white snowfield.

The cooperation with Burner stems from Yang Yang to live in life, and enjoy the challenge of sports.Focus on the performance of the performance, with super high popular works and roles, Yang Yang, which exudes a multi-charm in the variety, is also very fit with the brand "to break the routine, constantly explore, see more possible", two-phase work together, collide with more fashion sportsFun sparks with lifestyle.

Bogin is another endorsement of Yang Yang to unlock this year, and its endorsement brand covers the food and clothing in life, which reflects the extraordinary appeal and influence.Looking forward to Yang Yang brings more surprises to everyone in the future!

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