Dingzhou Ice Snow Movement walks into thousands of households

With the increasing foots of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Ice and Snow Movement presents unprecedented vitality in Dingzhou. Dingzhou City has promoted the primary level as the main field of ice and snow, take a variety of forms to warm up warmth.

The municipal "ice and snow caravan" steadily advanced

On September 11, the launching ceremony of the promotion and promotion of the social and rural ice and snow sports in Dingzhou City was held in Bolum Park. With the main leaders of the Dingzhou Municipal Government, the Dingzhou City "Ice Caravan" rural ice and snow sports experience activation On September 15th, the Dingzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau established three municipal "ice and snow caravans" to the community and country, which will be sent to the land curling, the ice soot, the ski simulator. 25 townships (streets) 63 key villages and 72 communities. The new ice and snow sports program attracts the villagers to come, under the guidance of professional staff and grassroots cultural volunteers, the villagers actively participate in experience in various ice and snow sports equipment, and everyone is also fun. Everyone is enjoying sports development. It also popularizes the ice and snow knowledge, and the ice and snow culture is planted, and the "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic spirit.

Enterprise "ice and snow caravan" full extension

Adhere to the massive ice and snow movement to the grassroots level, realize the full coverage of ice and snow, Dingzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau and Dingzhou City. Organizational Dingzhou Shuangyuan Commerce Company, Tianhua Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Jinshys Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. 4 enthusiastic enterprises in Wilt Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. The big episode, the afternoon, in the afternoon, the two-way day into the community "is the promotion model, will load ice and snow sports equipment, ice and snow sports exhibition boards and corporate products, souvenirs, prizes" ice and snow caravan "in-depth towns, streets, schools, sinking communities, rural areas To carry out ice and snow sports experience, cultural publicity and enterprise product promotion activities, so that the masses can enjoy the fun and charm of the ice and snow movement in "Door Door", and realize the popularity of ice and snow sports and the promotion of enterprise products. At present, the four enterprises "Ice Caravan" have completed the promotion of ice and snow sports in 50 key villages, and further cultivating the snow sports and welcoming Winter Olympics in Dingzhou City.

Township "ice and snow caravan" continues to force

In order to continuously expand the participation of the city's people 's ice and snow sports, Dingzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau rely on township integrated cultural stations and cultural team resources to build a linkage system. 25 township (street) cultural stations have built a "ice and snow caravan" in townships, using the platform, the public account for the promotion of ice and snow sports. At the same time, Dingzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau is equipped with land-covered ice pots for each township, distributed the Winter Olympics, organizational Cultural Station Webmaster and Cultural Volunteers for skills training, and solve the ice and snow sports in all rounds. "Who is Teaching "How to play" provides a guarantee for the people who are safely involved in the feeling of ice and snow. The township "ice and snow caravan" became an important carrier of remote villages, and the masses learned about Winter Olympics, and experienced ice and snow sports. Every time they ushered in a laughter.

Li Wei, the staff of the comprehensive cultural station in the Qingfeng Store Town, love sports, she passed the training with the township "ice and snow caravan" to do volunteer service, "Although it is already cold winter, the people's participation is very enthusiastic. See the smile on the face and the love of the ice and snow, I feel very accomplished! I really like to participate in such activities, I hope that through my own efforts, let the ice and snow move into thousands of households. "

In vigorously promoting the popularization of the Ice and Snow, Dingzhou Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau purchases 45 sets of land curmes, 17 sets of ice soot, 2 sets of ski trainer, etc., "ice and snow caravan" equipment, production of ice and snow culture More than 300 exhibition boards, through the municipal "ice and snow caravan", "ice and snow caravan", the township "ice and snow caravan" is fully launched, and all kinds of ice and snow activities have set off a climax of grassroots ice and snow sports in the city. In order to further create a strong ice and snow sports competition, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Ice Snow Games in Dingzhou City invited the Ambassador of Hebei Province, the Olympic champion Pang Wei arrived. This endless opening of the opening is 260,000. People are actively involved in interaction; surrounding the roller skating, dry land ice hockey, land curmes, pulleys, etc. More than 500 physical education teachers in 387 primary and secondary schools in Dingzhou have actively participated in the training. Get 160 of the three-level social sports instructor of the ice and snow, 180 people in the sixth-level social sports instructor.

Up to now, Dingzhou City "ice and snow caravan", enterprise "ice and snow caravan", township "ice and snow caravan", the rural ice and snow experience activities have covered 423 administrative villages in the city, coverage reached 90%, creating a central park In the shopping mall, enterprise stores, etc., created "six" demonstration points, truly realize the ice and snow movement into thousands of households.

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