Can skipping can lose weight? Before jumping, keep in mind 3 words, may be thin faster

Now memories of childhood, can not help but have a lot of feelings, innocent childhood innocence, there is a lot of fun as a kid a lot of fun games such as jump rope is one of them. Remember as a child skipping, jumping a man, there are more than two people jump, I counted more active that, almost a baby girl can jump tricks, I can jump. Slowly as she grew older, I feel bad skipping boys, so little jump. Later, listening to a physical education teacher, said men and women can jump rope skipping is a good sport, insist on jumping rope is conducive to good health, but also those who want to lose weight exercise.


According to statistics skipping one hour can consume 1300 calories, but very few people can jump on continuously for an hour. So, every 15 minutes or jump rope skipping like. Through scientific calculation, Skipping 15 minutes calories consumed the equivalent of jogging 30 minutes calories consumed, of course, insist on each of the longer, the more burn fat, stick with it long-term, it may be the legs, hips, waist and arm get rid of excess fat. Therefore, many people will choose to jump rope to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Skipping is a good exercise to lose weight, keep in mind three sentences before skipping may slim down faster! Be

The first sentence: master exercise time

Exercise is also time to look at, not like when the movement that's when you exercise, keep in mind that within one hour before eating a meal, whether it is the case of fasting or satiety, do not exercise. If skipping motion in two time periods, it can easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, is not conducive to weight loss, but not conducive to mental and physical health.

The second sentence: Select the appropriate length of the rope

We choose skipping this exercise, be sure to choose your own rope length, generally suitable own rope, after we stepped on the rope hands and feet straightened shoulders above our own is more appropriate, or else too long or too short are likely to trip over themselves. Be

The third sentence: before skipping to warm up

Before skipping We also need a simple action such as jumping or stretch to warm up, and after the dance through the rope is stretched to the action, so that is more conducive to coordination of movement, more action can play better, so weight loss slimming effect will be better.

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