How long after the leg liposuction can be moved

After the leg liposuction, it can generally move, but it is not recommended to avoid the recovery of surgery.

Some people in life have more and more fat accumulation of fat, which affects the curve of the body, so these love beauty will choose to achieve the purpose of stovepipe. And the legs of the legs can be exercised in about a month after the leg liposuction, but intense exercise is not recommended to avoid affecting the recovery of surgery.

Leg liposuction is a small wound by surgery, first inserting a liposuction catheter after the lack of liposuction, and uses the principle of negative pressure attraction using the instrument to draw fat, thus achieving the purpose of thin legs. This surgical security is relatively high, basically does not affect the surrounding normal tissue and skin among the liposuction process. However, in order to make the surgical effect more ideal, everyone needs to do corresponding nursing work after the operation is completed.

The first three days after doing leg liposuction after the legs, there will be swelling, sludge, pain, generally no need to deal with, will gradually ease it after 5-7 days. It is necessary to take medicine to take medicines to avoid surgical sites infection. Replace the new elasticity after the removal line, and to maintain the elastic clothing all day, avoid a relaxing of the skin. Diet also avoid the consumption of those irritating foods and peppers while quitting smoking.

Because everyone's surgical recovery is different, how long can it take time to exercise? Therefore, it is recommended that everyone must carefully follow the physician's tall, and at the same time need to remain light, more Eat some nutritious vegetables and fruits, so that this can effectively promote the recovery of the wound. At the same time, pay attention to more rest, develop a good habit, don't stay up late, so that surgery will return to normal.

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