How to exercise exercise in sports neuron?

1. Functional exercise: patients have different levels of different levels of muscle reducing or complete loss, and strengthen functional exercise delay muscle atrophy, and the joint stiffness is also very important. Every 2 hours of massage limbs, activities, encourage patients to take the initiative to hold fist, slow scientific respiratory exercise, exercise breathing muscle, ensure the normal function of muscles, and patients are placed in function.

2, diet care: Try to give high protein, high calorie, easy digestive diet, rich in vitamins, a small amount of meals, strengthen the nutrients of patients, and improve the tolerance of the disease.

3, moderate exercise: patients who can't afford to bed in advanced beds should help them turn over, do passive movements in bed to prevent joint fixation, acne and fallual pneumonia.

4, the management of the respiratory tract: patients with sports neurons use mechanical ventilation, not well cleaning the respiratory tract, to turn over the back, sucking the secretions, moisture airway, sterile operation of the trachea, pay attention to use oxygen Safety.

Tips: Don't blame the doctor when suffering from sports neurons, we want to go to professional regular hospitals, early exercise of sports neuron disease, so as to avoid deteriorating their condition, miss the early best treatment time, until later very dangerous.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!