Evening newspaper small reporters enjoy sports happiness

On December 19, "Walking Class" Guiyang Evening News Small President Group entered the music mango and the house to carry out the "small athlete" activity.

Open the jump, then kick the leg, high raise legs ... Before the start of the event, the coach led small reporters to warm up.After completing the double back transport ball relay movement of the test, it can promote skeletal development, strengthen muscle tissue, and improve physical fitness training projects with intelligence.I saw that the small reporters were placed in a column, with a wooden bridge as a starting point, sequentially jumping obstacles, hands and feet, with a "stump", quickly climbing the hillside, finishing the head, over the seesaw.

Teaching zero-based small reporters rope, correct small reporters to skip the wrong action, small reporters run jumping, harvesting happiness in sports.

(Guiyang Daily Mong Media Reporter Sun Vina)

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