How does the elderly do not hurt?

As people pay more and more attention to health, the movement has also become an important content in life. But for the elderly, how to "move" is a question that needs attention. Because the joints of the elderly, they will "wear" with the head. Which sports are suitable for the elderly? How should the elderly's joint? Let's go to listen to the orthopedic doctor:

The doctor said that there will be a lot of sub-health issues, especially the elderly. So doctors suggest that the elderly can properly do some aerobic exercises, strong muscles, and activities to enhance balance and prevent fall.

TCM of the Director of the Orthopedic Director of the Wuyi Hospital of Jiangmen City said: "Recommend several sports projects to the elderly: the first is walk, walking can be slow, it is easier to master; the second is jogging, more effectively enhanced Cardiopulmonary function; third punches, such as Tai Chi, eight paragraphs, Yi Ji Jing, Wuqi Opera, etc. "

The doctor reminded that when the elderly did these sports, the first thing to ensure itself, secondly pay special attention to protect the knee joint.

Fanquan said: "Many elderly people will walk around 10,000 steps, 20,000 steps, after walking, he will feel a lot of discomfort, such as knee pain, in fact, this is to pay attention. Generally speaking, we recommend us suggest Walking or jogging, you must master the amount of exercise, don't go to exercise in one time. Upstairs stairs, you can do it because of people, you can take a break in the middle, so you will take the number of stairs every day, frequency should be appropriate. "

As the saying goes, people are old, mainly to refer to the degeneration of knee joints. Different age, gender, weight, and living habits have different effects on knee joints. In particular, patients with elderly degenerative knee-based inflammation, the knee is more "save".

Fanquan said: "In the state of less weight or not heavy, we encourage the elderly to strengthen the muscles exercise around the knee, the most important thing is the exercise of the stock four muscles. For example, when sitting or lying These sports such as supporting legs are raised, step on bicycle exercises, can have a good exercise effect on the muscles around the knee, so that the protection of knee joints also plays a good role. "

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