It is recommended that volleyball moves more

Volleyball movement, no matter how thousands of men and women, you have to wait thousands of taps, pass, physical power consumption, especially the main players are more likely to be injured. If the athlete can use the left hand again, you can use the right hand to swap.That will be much better, one is the wonderful play, the second is to extend the athlete's exercise career, but it has not seen a athlete for many years, the football master can play the ball, the table tennis can also change the hand, why can't the volleyball can be changed?

Volleyball playing should also be innovated, don't be a hundred years.I remember that Zhu Ting had an offense, and the back of the nets passed the ball, so that the other party did not fight, very a bit blue, if the volleyball, someone can change the attack, the volleyball will be more upstairs, better [Wuhancome on]

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