Popularizing the dragon and lion sports promotion of traditional culture

Pearl River Business News reporter Duda Xiong reported: On the afternoon, 2021 "Shunda Longshi Water Trural Rural" series activities launching ceremony and "Pork Po Musica Cup" Shunde District Nanshi Fighting held in Rong IF1959 Wenchuangyuan, from Shunde 12 dragon lion teams in various towns (streets) participated in the competition.

2021 "Shunde Longshi Water Country" series is hosted by Shunde Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau, including the "Pork Pacon", "Pork Po · Le Dai Cup" Shunde District Nanshi Competition is hosted by the Shunde District Longgong Sports Association, and get it Pork wife private house dish, the title of the music KTV.

In recent years, many companies have actively fulfilled their social responsibility, paying for the support of sports culture in the district, making huge contributions to the inheritance and promotion of dragon lion culture.

Huang Zhihua, Vice President of Longshi Sports Association, Guangdong Province, Huang Zhihua, President of the Legion Sports Association in Shunde, said that in the founding of the Shunde District, the Shunde District, actively played communication, liaison, unity, united people from all walks of life in the district, integrated Resources, continuous development, promotion and popularize the traditional sports of the dragon lion on the track of standardization, scientific, and competitive tracks. At the same time, actively carry out external activities and exchanges, organize large dragon lion events, and the awareness of the event is high, the participation is wide, the influence is high, and the influence is strong.

The "Shundong Lion Water Country" series of activities, promoting the traditional dragon lion culture, enhancing the overall level of the dragon lion, will play a positive driving role, and the event will also be carried out in the towns (streets).

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