NANK South Card Bone Commander Headphones RunnerPro3 New Generation Sports Bluetooth Headset


Bone conduction Sports Bluetooth headset is already our daily and sports pursuit products, because there are many advantages in bone pass, including non-hearing, uncomfortable, open and ear, maintain awareness of the external environment, no ear Will not deposit a large amount of bacteria in the ear canal due to the sweating of exercise, compared to the ear headset, the hearing damage is smaller by bone conduction. Therefore, bone conduction can be quickly popular. Outdoor sports, especially outdoor run has become the main way of our exercise, and the exercise is also the companionship of music, find a Bluetooth headset combined with bone conduction and sports is very headache. Today, I recommend a new generation of bones. Transmission Sports Bluetooth Headphones South Blueta Transmission Sports Headphones Runner Pro3, then I will take everyone to experience. Every time the festive season is three pounds, the time is slimming before the festival.

[Out of the box]

The third-generation bone passing Bluetooth headset has a previous generation of packaging characteristics, still uses the outer packaging of the blast, highlighting the sports characteristics of this Bluetooth headset, and can see the Nanka bone conduction headphones, using a light written above Model Runner Pro3 in this bone conductor headset. The entire outer packaging revealed a moving breath, which is very expected to be updated with the next generation.

The back surface of the package has a product photo of Runner Pro3, which can see this generation's headphones have made a major upgrade. Let's use the headset to explain that the characteristics of the headset can be seen, including Bluetooth 5.2, IPX8 waterproof This waterproof level is completely no problem, magnetic charging, 16G memory, titanium alloy material. The biggest change is currently the earphone itself.

Open the package, you can see the headphones itself, this red and white color is very like, the first eye feeling is the two clownfish in it, especially cute. The overall appearance becomes more beautiful, and the packaging of the headphones also has corresponding changes.

Take out the headphones and all accessories, you can see accessories except the earphones include 1. Product Description. 2. Magnetic charging data cable. 3. Swimming / noise reduction earplugs. This earphones have been upgraded and separate packaging. The headphones are overall than the previous generation, but also more rounded, but it is really cute.

The headphones are close-up, and the button of the headphones has been changed. The switch button of the earphone is transferred, on the vibration unit of the headset, so it is more convenient to operate, the volume button of the headset is transferred from the headset below, this The design is also more user-friendly.

The inside of the headphones can see the model of the headset Nankrunner Pro3, the charging input voltage is 5V 180mAh, and the manufacturer of the headset. In addition, this red white is very good, this white part is that the headset is updated to the indicator light.

In this way, this earphone is particularly like a hippocampus, the mark nank on this belly, and the roundness of the belly, highlight the endset's battery life, the design of the head of the head, especially the pen, let the headphones look more cute.

This point of view is particularly like a swan, which can see the outer design of the headphones from the outside of the headset to make the hand faster. Compared with the previous generation, there is no appearance of the previous generation, but it has also added a lot of cute and more convenient.

After the headphones are made of titanium alloy, the flexibility does not have to worry, you can make a lot of swinging of the headphones will also recover the original position, don't worry about the problem of earphone breaks. Here, it is possible to see the inner vibration unit of the earphone, which is relatively designed to have a circular shape.

The earphones uses magnetic charging, which can see two strong magnets from the charging interface and the charging data line. This is not easy to fall off when the headphones are charged, and it can also be able to charge well. The wire is reversed because the opposite is not sucking.

The overall design of the headphones is more cute and more cute. The volume of the headphones has also been reduced accordingly. Through the above introduction, you can see the changes in the appearance of the headphones, and the buttons of the headphones are also updated, becoming more Humanity is more convenient to operate.


The Bluetooth headset is still open Bluetooth headset. You can use it directly using mobile phone Bluetooth. It is very convenient. The Bluetooth connection speed of the headset is fast, and the Bluetooth 5.2 chip transmission rate is higher. Relatively speaking, the power consumption is lower, increasing the battery life of the headset. Headphones have built-in 16G memory, when you go out or swim, you can use the headset to listen to songs.

Using Bluetooth headset, listening to song experience, this headset's sound quality and sound efficiency are very good, the characteristics of the bone conduction headphones are that the headphones are not in the ear, and the experience is still very nice. Headphone memory can use your computer to put your favorite songs into your headset, play the song stored in the headset using the local playback mode of the headset.

On the ear photo, you can see that this headset is completely incapable, relatively uncomfortable, open a double ear, keep a variation of the external environment, no ear, will not deposit a large number of bacteria in the ear canal due to exercise , Compared to the ear headset, the damage of hearing is smaller by bone conduction.


NANK South Card Bone Transmission Sports Headphones Runner Pro3, relative to the previous product has great improvements and upgrades, the overall look of the headphones is more cute, wearing more comfortable, headphones use the latest Bluetooth chip headphones more efficient, headphonesThe sound quality is also very good, mainly the bone conducted headset is not in the ear to maintain awareness of the external environment, not in the ear, does not deposit a large number of bacteria in the ear canal due to sports sweat.I really like this bone's Bluetooth headset, I recommend a small partner who likes sports.

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