Winter Olympics near the ice and snow movement

This newspaper (Reporter Hu Zhiwei) Near 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, many people pay attention to and tried to participate in the ice and snow movement. Recently, several ski resorts in Junzhou District, this city will usher in many tourists. Among them, most ski tourists are unpredictors. Li Bin engaged in ski instructor for many years, for ski beginners, must pay attention to safety, and learn from the study process.

Wearing good equipment to prevent injury

Professionals remind you to ski, first prepare ski clothes in advance, if you don't want to prepare in advance, rental business will also be provided in the general ski residence. Professional ski clothing and people wear the down jackets are different, and it is not appropriate to use the usual down jacket as skiing. Because, compared with the usual down jacket, the sleeve of the ski suit has the adjustment of the tight function, which is used to prevent the snow, and the neckline of the ski suit is mostly high-spirited, prevent people from cold air during skiing. Enter the clothes. In addition, the most important is also the most easy to be overlooked by some beginners, is a knee and helmet. The beginners are easy to wrestle, and these two equipment protection can greatly reduce the possibility of injury when they fall in ski.

Learning ski pays in step by step

For beginners, especially the first skiing, don't worry, you should first practice skiing, first learn to walk again. This so-called "walk" includes: wearing a snowboard, eight characters walking, and walking in the direction. If it is the first ski, it is recommended to ask a ski instructor to conduct professional guidance.

In addition, since the temperature in the ski resort is low, the skier is prone to stiffness, if the joint muscles are not moving, it will slip, it is easy to hurt. Therefore, in front of the snow, there should be many joint activities such as hip, knee, ankle, wrist. Professionals remind that beginners wrestlers are inevitable when they skiers, but wrestle in the skiing process, there is also "paying attention to", when the body is losing balance, it is going to fall back, and the slope is naturally declining until slowly. Don't use your hand when you fall in skiing, your body should not roll.

There are some things to pay attention to

Skiing is a major sports intensity, especially for beginners, each sliding is very large, 20 to 30 minutes each time, it is recommended to rest for 10 minutes, add some chocolate, beef dry, etc. Can bring heat After the food, slide, avoid skiing in fatigue.

Skiing is not strong, especially those skiers have a few ski experience but levels, need to pay special attention. It should be practiced on sliding slopes in slopes, and you can reach a smooth stop, and after avoiding obstacles or other skiers on the snow, you can go to the slope.

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