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In order to promote healthy life, promote neighborhood, build a harmonious community, set off the national fitness boom, hosted by Nanchang People's Government, Nanchang City Sports Bureau, county district (development zone) government (management committee), Bay Division Administration, The first community sports meeting in Nanchang Daily and other units have been held since the start of the competition, and the finals will be held on Saturday.

The community sports will integrate, entertain, collaboratory, and competitiveness, both strength and wisdom, is a display of personal sports competitive level. According to reports, there are more than 380 communities in the 12-game distribution area, and the mass participation is high, and the coverage is wide, and it is called Nanchang City.

The first community sports meeting in Nanchang City is rich in projects, no thresholds, free participation, home sports sports, etc., are loved by the general public. This sports will cover the online line, exercise and entertain, health and fun peers, three basketball, gas bar, table tennis, badminton, land rowing (relay), tug-of-war and square dance, etc., Pediced bowling, personal projects such as table tennis. In the event, the residents from each community dressed up, all out, shout, cheering, and the sound of the ears, many participating teams were a family group, neighborhood group. Everyone in the game, I'm going to try, I've rushed to the competition, and I strived in seconds, and I showed the spirit of healthy. Especially the projects such as tug-of-war and kicks have emerged in many "folk masters", and everyone is soaring and refueling. Residents have harvested health in sports and deepen understanding and understanding in the competition, further harmony with neighborhood.

Liu Na, who was opened in Nanchang, told reporters, "I really like this community sports meeting held at home! Not only exercise the body, but also take prizes, let us go out of the house, exercise together, deepen the neighborhood, it is great." ! "

It is worth mentioning that in order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, the community sports meeting also launched land curling, land-raising as a special project, and set off a sports boom. The reporter saw the land curling experience in Nanchang Economic Development Zone Preliminaries, not only the adults like to try it, even young children are also very curious about this round, learning adults, making out " The strength of the milk, push a pushing pot. "Life is endless, this sports will be very new, our family is involved, not only playing the pattern, strengthening physical fitness, but also enhances the feelings between family. I hope I can participate in this later. Activities. "Xie Wen, the residents of the Open area.

Chang Xia Bing, the Municipal Sports Bureau Group Coat, said that there is currently, Nanchang's online sports event event has gradually recovered, but the unsatisfaction is not equal to the defense, and the organizer has made meticulotropic measures and perfect plans in the event site.

This community sports will not only have a wiring event, but also set up online games. Two groups are divided into "individual 100-kilometer group" and "team hundred kilometers". The online "cloud fitness" activity ended on December 8th, a total of 34,253 people signed up, including 17661 people participating in personal fitness, 16,592 people participating in the team (3869 team), the total number of steps has exceeded 119 100 million steps. The event is intended to use digital cloud platform to mobilize the enthusiasm of community residents during the epidemic prevention and control of normalization, strengthen the body, showcase the sports style of community residents, and create new models of residents enjoy life in the epidemic prevention and control of normalization, let residents Get a sense, belonging and happiness. (Nanchang Daily Full Media Reporter Xu Lei / Figure)

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