Sports and fitness

On December 15, 2021, the Yangliu Center School in Xiuxi County held a fun track and field meeting in the Yangliu Center School Primary School.

This sports will be based on fun activities, respectively, and 8 projects, throwing soft jumping, struts, thrown, and throwing soft javer, the school students of the whole Yangliu Central Territory are led by the teacher. Under the leadership, activeParticipation, happy competition, every competition project has exercised everyone's unity and cooperation spirit, not only the intersection of wisdom and physical strength, but also the perfect accumulation of unity and cooperation.

The students in the court went all out, the little audience under the field fiercely shouted, cheering, cheering in the campus for a long time.After tension, each single prize flower is a master, the game is successfully completed in a harmonious and joyful atmosphere.

The interesting track and field sports meeting not only improved the enthusiasm of the children's physical exercise, and enriching the students' extra-school life, but also cultivated the spirit of students to love the collective, struggling to struggle, fully demonstrating the results of our school's quality education, but also meA good presentation of good teachers and students.

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