Running weight loss: first break through your own racery and time, the implementation is the key

You obsessed with weight loss,

Whether you have done a runner and dream about:

You hang open as speeding like a dream,

Every minute rejection of meat fat loss ......

For us such serious people who lose weight,

Running in this matter,

Small goal has always been simple and straightforward -

That is, run farther, longer!

Thin more smoothly (quietly)

Every clenched fist,

Tell yourself the next time you want to run the amount of lift, increase duration,

However exciting only dream of,

Her portrait painted cake can not be reached,

Reality would be utterly dejected,

You still white flag on the stand it much longer you ......

Why do you run far, and run shortly?

Everyone has a sweat in the sports arena of the heart, why you Paozhaopaozhe to run, Paozhaopaozhe to shortness of breath, and even Paozhaopaozhe also damaged joints? No doubt, you must be run like this ...


Running mentality

Afraid of hardships, no breakthrough

Running on this matter, adaptation is not necessarily a good thing. If you always feel tired and stopped a pace, which means you have to stay in motion "comfort zone", and if it could not get out of the comfort zone, run farther and longer always just talking about it.


Running program

Whim, laissez-faire

Running is simple, but if there is no planning, hard work up and ran every day, lazy down to a couple of weeks can not move ...... such a "fits and starts network" laissez-faire, not only to lose weight and exercise with little little, let alone break their own, run farther and longer up.


muscle power

Lack of strength, blocking your progress

Running is a systemic movement, if muscle strength is insufficient, it is easy to feel tired, unable to run farther.

Poor core strength

Core strength that allows the body to maintain stability during running, distance running during the time, it also played a role in driving the body forward. Lack of core strength, your center of gravity will cause instability in motion, running posture more easily deformed, and knee and hip joints can withstand greater pressure and, therefore, more likely to feel tired.

Weak leg muscles

Lack of leg muscles is likely to cause ground instability, consume extra energy, while the lack of support forces in the vicinity of the knee, the knee will lead to oppression, long-term down easily lead to wear and tear.


Running breathing

The right way to make you tired

When you are running, maybe even the breathing is "wrong"! If you do not know how to breathe properly in the running process, not only will be more tired, but also affect the body the blood circulation, allowing the body to fatigue more easily, so you have to give up running the original program.

No breathing rhythm

If you do not find the rhythm of breathing, then it is easy to start Paozhaopaozhe disordered breathing, gasping, consume more energy, not the long run.

Too deep or shallow breathing

When jogging, if only to use chest breathing, shallow breathing, inhaling small amounts of oxygen, it can not supply running consumption; and if breathing too deep too slow, it will increase the additional burden of respiratory muscles, increase oxygen consumption does not say, but also lead to fatigue.

Want to run farther and longer, you need to do!

Want better running fat burning effect? I want to break a personal record of the highest run? No change can happen overnight, running is the same. Step by step to improve running technique, run farther and longer no longer just talking about it!


Muscle strength training

Train their core and leg strength, allowing you to run when the center of gravity is more stable, the most critical is the ability to save energy, will be able to run longer and farther.

core power

An action: the plate support crunches

Exercise areas: the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis

Frequency: 15 times / group, 3 sets

Action II: Seated Row

Exercise areas: the latissimus dorsi, trapezius

Frequency: 15 times / group, 3 sets

Leg strength

Action One: knee lunges

Exercise areas: the quadriceps

Frequency: 15 times / group, 3 sets

Action II: standing tiptoe jump

Exercise areas: the soleus

Frequency: 50 times / group, 3 sets


Proper breathing method

Abdominal breathing breathing method is suitable for running. Usually the right hand can be placed in the abdomen navel, left hand on the chest, breathing, abdominal maximally expanded outward, chest to remain intact; breath, maximum shrink inward, chest, remain intact, and so on back and forth to practice. Found a way to breathe running, distance running to improve your endurance even taking a step forward!


Step by step to enhance the amount of running

According to his motion base, to improve mileage and long run. It advises you to run a further 5% of the running time, under the premise of running 3-4 times a week, increasing the time interval of 2 weeks mileage increments not to exceed 30%.


Change your running form

Increase in running fresh tricks, try a different way, in addition to resolve boring, but also improve your running endurance.

Varied pace

As the name suggests is the change in your running speed, alternating fast and slow. In this way running, the body's oxygen demand will continue to transform, not only can effectively exercise the heart and lung capacity, so you can run farther, but also accelerate the burning of body fat.

Can be carried out in the ordinary course of jogging accelerated fixed-point run, gallop every 20-30 seconds, then resume continuous jogging for 1 minute, so the cycle practice.


The so-called sprint is running in daily runs, with the maximum speed sprint.Repeated practice sprint, allowing the body's energy supply system to get exercise, so that when you run, your body can provide more energy, support you more time.When sprinting, each group of sprint runs between 10 seconds to 2 minutes.The proportion of training and rest time is generally 1: 2 or 1: 3, which means that if you spend 30 seconds, you need to rest for 60 seconds or 90 seconds.Each run can join 2-3 group sprint training.

If you want a breakthrough, it is worth encouraging.

But be sure to try while you want to try it.

Printed on the body, improve running skills.

With good endurance,

It will complete the small goals that run more far more.

The next person who breaks through the run is you!

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