Is it important every day?Have you exercised?

Movement is key health of the country. Life is movement, movement to make our lives full of vitality strength, ease of mind, away from the disease, health and longevity.

We can not do without sports. Life is movement; movement will enable us to enhance physical fitness; motion will enable us to maintain a type of body; movement will enable us to increase endurance; exercise can make us open mind; exercise can make us vibrant; exercise can make our spirits; movement we are full of determination to make; it enables us to easily face life

V. improve the regulatory function of the nervous system

Participate in physical activity can help to improve the regulatory function of the nervous system, improve the nervous system of complex changes in human activities in time to make an accurate judgment, and quickly respond correctly the first time. And also to help regulate the body's nervous system to adapt to the best state for the environment, maintain the normal activities of the body.

VI. Enhanced features to adapt to society

Participate in sports, in the process of movement can make contact with each other to produce a sense of intimacy between people, is an individual met in social interaction. On the other hand, sports can help us to deepen the understanding of self, so do not be self-conscious or unconsciously corrected itself, so to make himself a more suitable and more people adapt to society.

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